Starbase 243

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Gone Fishing

Posted on Sat Mar 20th, 2021 @ 8:38pm by Patrick Smith & Lieutenant Tequila Dreik & Bexley Quinn

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Blackbird. Cardassian Federation DMZ.

Sitting in his cabin dozing Nine felt the unmistakable change in vibrations of the ship as it dropped out of warp. Normally he preferred to just fall asleep at the helm, and with comfy chairs like he had who could blame him, but today and for this mission, he needed time to think. Yawning and stretching out he slowly roused himself and swung his legs off the bed. Slipping his boots on again he stood, stretched a final time, and headed out of the cabin. "Alrighty. Looks like we've arrived," he called out. Small ships. Thin walls. Making his way forward he was greeted by the view of the rings of a gas giant.

Moving back through the small ship, Tiki tried to ignore the cold shiver that ran down her spine as she looked at the view in front of them. "You think we'll find what we want here?" she asked as she leaned against the back of Nine's seat, watching over his shoulder.

Bex heard the voice before they came into view, a scowl fixing on her face as she saw Tiki making herself comfortable leaning over Nine's shoulder. "If he didn't we wouldn't be here," she commented dryly as she pushed passed and slid into the second seat. "You may want to sit down and put your seatbelt on, you know, in case of turbulence."

"Sensors tracking multiple vessels in the area. Nothing specific unfortunately so I figure the best way to go about this is to do some fishing," Nine half suggested half stated as he began working at his console.

Ignoring Bex, who clearly wasn't happy with her presence for some reason, Tiki nodded. "Try scanning comms frequencies and see if you can pick up any localized comms chatter. Might give us some indicator of who's what and where."

Nodding and scratching his chin Nine changed tact and started scanning along the comms frequencies. "Nothing so far," he said after a few minutes. "Wait. Look here. This frequency has four ships all with an open data stream on the comm frequency. It's the kind of thing used by a command ship to track and monitor smaller craft," he added by way of explanation. Pulling the information up on screen he highlighted the four vessels. "Look. That's their current position and these here," he said as he overlayed their trajectory from the sensor data, "Is the path they're taking. It's like a search pattern."

"I checked before I left 243, there's no Federation ships in this area and no one else has reported to us that they would be doing any kind of operation in the area," Tiki replied. "Maybe they're looking for bait?"

"Well. Let's give them a catch they won't forget. I'm going to deactivate several modifications, and change our sensor profile a bit to make us look a little fatter," Nine informed them as he began to work. "Then. A little bit of trickery and voila. One crippled ship which should be able to be seen."

"And now we wait," Tiki said quietly, leaning back in her seat and closing her eyes for a moment, turning her thoughts to other things. Clearly Nine was more than he made himself out to be, the question that lingered in her mind was exactly who, or what, was he?

Nodding Nine sat back in his chair hands behind his head, "And now we wait," he confirmed eyes staring out into the planetary rings they now sat inside waiting.


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