Starbase 243

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Removed from the Chaos

Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 10:24pm by Captain James Warrington & Lieutenant Andrew "Drew" Hunter & Lieutenant Bradley Owens

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Command Centre/Starfighters

Inside Ops was a completely different kind of atmosphere to the transports. Unlike the crew stuck in the metal boxes in space James and his staff had a lot of work to do.

"Ops, divert additional power to the sensors. Let's try and cut through that interference," James ordered relieved that Hunter had arrived now to the command centre. "Hunter. I need you to coordinate with Owens and the civilian traffic. We need to clear them out of the way and clear any docking ports along the projected path. I also need one of the fliers to do a mark one eyeball inspection of that ship."

Drew stepped over to the Ops panel, instructing the enlisted person there to open a broadband channel. =/\=All ships on approach to the station, execute a Z azimuth ascent of 2 kilometers and hold position.=/\= He then had the communications specialist open a channel on the CAP frequency. =/\=Jester, Base Ops. Vessel on approach at 045 mark 004 is not responding to hails and is exceeding safe harbor velocity. Dispatch a fighter to conduct a visual inspection of the ship to ascertain if there is damage and report.=/\=

Owens acknowledged the requested visual inspection and conducted himself. He slowed down his star fighter and flew around it in a close circle but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. "Ops, this is Alpha One. Visual inspection of the civilian ship didn't reveal anything unusual. It is still on a direct course for starbase. Do you want us to fire a warning shot across their bow? We might also move in front of them and attempt to slow them down and see if they follow suit. Requesting instructions."

"Attempt to find the bridge, lieutenant. Plans show it should be on the front dorsal section," James replied, quickly checking through the blueprints Starfleet had on file for the ship. "It has external windows so you should be able to see what's going on in there."

Owens banked and matched the speed of the other vessel as he hit the thrusters to twirl in a 360 degree spin. He could see the unmistakable bridge section with several viewports that caught his eye due to bright orange glows. "It looks like the bridge has sustained damage. There are fires but I can't see anything else due to the smoke and the range. I don't know if it's from equipment failure or sabotage." Brad quickly realized the extra effort that would be required to bring the ship to a halt if the bridge were inoperable, regardless of the circumstances.

Drew turned to the technician next to the communications panel. "Bring tractor beam emitters to full power and lock on to that ship. Hold it in place."

James nodded his agreement to the ops team, "Three second burst. Let's see if she can take it." Confirming the Ops officer engaged a tractor beam, the blue light streaking out and taking hold of the wounded vessel. For the bridge crew the three seconds were a breath, but for those on board, it was a fresh reminder of the peril they were in. "Status?" James asked.

"Detecting two new hull breaches from the use of the tractor beam. My assumption is that their inertial dampeners and structural integrity fields are either down, or not far off it," the Operation officer reported back to them.

"I agree. We need to stabilise that ship or at least reduce the strain on the hull from the tractor emitters. Any ideas?" James asked the bridge team, comm channel still open to Owens.

"The starbase occupies a small number of degrees, technically speaking," Owens thought out loud. "We could try to physically nudge the ship off the current course a few degrees to port or starboard. That way, if we can't stop it, it will just sail past the base instead of making a few new decks."

James pondered for a moment before his mind clicking. "Duh. Of course. You're absolutely right. The station does have a small orbit. So if we can't safely change the course of the ship then let's change the orbit of the station," he proclaimed hands furiously working across the console. "Here's hoping these old manoeuvring thrusters still work. Set condition Blue across the ship," James instructed, taking just a few moments for the Red Alert lights to change to a Blue indicating the station was about to perform a manoeuvre.

With all the grace that one would expect from something her size, Starbase 243 just fifty-one seconds after the commands were sent began to noticeably start to drift to one side. It would take a further eight minutes, plus some change, to fully move the massive structure out of harm's way and over the same again to bring her back to a stable orbit. On the Command Deck, the crew held their breaths feeling helpless not just with the choice they had made, but their inability to help their comrades on board the ship.

As the base approached the point of reversing its thrust an orange flash lit up space as an explosion at the front of the ship rocked her to the core. At that moment the interference that had been plaguing sensors and transporters cleared up as all power aside from the most basic life support failed on the Bajoran vessel.

"Sir we have transporter locks on multiple bio signs!" Exclaimed officers at several consoles almost together.

"Command to all transporter rooms. Emergency transport of any life signs from your assigned ship sections to your assigned medical bay. Coordinate and clear that ship now!" James ordered moving fast to take advantage of the singular piece of luck they had had so far.

"Sir," One of the sensor operators said voice shakey. "Comparing the logs from before and after the explosion. Thirty-Eight life signs lost in the detonation."

Grimacing James looked round to her, "Check in with all teams. I want to know if there were any of ours in there. Ops. ETA until transport is complete?" A reply of 'nearly there' got a nod of acknowledgement from the CO.

A few moments later the Science officer spoke up again. "Sir. Reports from medical staff of significant injuries. They are in trauma mode. It appears we have a few of our own injured as well from the explosion as well as four fatalities. I've sent the list to your station."

James looked down at each name on the list in front of him, feeling guilty about only recognising one on the list. Krios. "I want a full debrief with the teams on what happened to these people as soon as possible. Anyone with up to date first aid training get to the medical bays. Let's go save some lives," he said taking off to the nearest turbolift himself accompanied by a few other officers.

As the Bridge crew worked to bring the station to a halt and analyse what data they could from the hulk, fair below the bridge in each of the medical centres was a scene in stark contrast to the ruin or the ship or the clean perfect command centre. Here, the day was just getting started.


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