Starbase 243

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Into the Fire

Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 10:01pm by Captain James Warrington & Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev & Lieutenant Krell Mekat DEng & Lieutenant JG Paul Sleeford & 1st Lieutenant Krios Akati

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Da'Hara

Krell Mekat raced in. The station was not familiar to the Bajoran Lieutenant, and so it took him bit to find his way to his destination. He was happy that he was able to help, but hoped his presence wasn't perceived as intrusive. The last thing he wanted was to step on anyone's toes. "I was asked to um help here." He sounded a mixture of nervous and out of breath. " Lieutenant Krell, I'm an engineer." He noted that no one in particular was paying attention and so he joined the group.

Waiting until the marines had boarded Sleeford loaded the security details, the ones dealing with the casualties on the last two, grabbing his trauma pack he headed to the first one and sat up front near Akati, that way he'd get detailed knowledge on which to base his decisions, he knew that most of his people would be used as carriers but that was fine, as long as the people on the ship got to safety. As they flew towards the transporter Sleeford felt the change in shuttle, it seemed as thought they where heading into combat, not a rescue mission, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself.

The atmosphere in the four Dragoon transports was like ice. The feeling of dread cutting across the silence which was broken only by the hum of the engines and the occasional rustling as people shuffled in their seats, some psyching themselves up, others trying to calm themselves and steady their nerves. The roughly 40 seconds it took to get undocked and burn across the void towards the stricken ship felt like an eternity. As they approached the pilots voice cut across the comms.

"Sensors have identified three working docking ports. One on the front Starboard side, one on the centre port side and one on the aft underside," the pilot reported as he brought the formation closer. Blueprints report a sizeable hangar as well and scans show it is intact but we can't see what is in there at the moment. Your choice Lieutenant Akati," the pilot said calmly, not wanting to be the one to make this call.

Roman was excited, it wasn't often that he got to get his hands dirty with actual damage repair work and on a large ship that was heavily damaged. He had his engineering kit, as well as some other tools as well as standard away team gear. Wrist torch, tricorder and hand phaser equipped to his belt.

He knew his priorities, get life support stabilised, then the engines. Though unless the engines were at a critical stage. He had already discussed with his Damage Control team what they should do once they knew what the condition of the ship was. The other teams were on the other transports. They all seemed steady, Roman on the other hand, had a grin on his face.

Krios studied the situation. If he spread the teams out he could cover more ground quickly, but would that would make the evac of the injured more confusing since they would be going four different directions. "Take us to the shuttle bay, we'll run the evac operation from there."

Krios turned to the back of the transport so he could face the teams onboard. "Open a channel to the other transports," he ordered the pilot. With the channel open, Krios began to lay out his plan, "Okay everyone here's the plan. Guard team one, you're with me. We're going to make our way to the bridge, hopefully we can regain flight control of the ship. Team two, your to escort Lieutenants tr'Khev and Krell to engineering so they can start damage control. Team three, your objective is the computer core. We need to figure out what happened here. Team four, you guys are going to help Lieutenant Sleeford with the evac. Any questions?"

Krell looked around waiting for someone to have an opinion to lodge.

Sleeford listened to the marine officer as outlined his plan, thinking of nothing better he nodded, looking back at the security detail in the shuttle he spoke more calmly then he felt. "Okay Alpha and Delta team, support marine team four, remainder support medical and assist with triage and assistance with the walking wounded"

"Coming in to land now Sir," The pilot shouted over his shoulders. Gracefully, at least compared tot he drifting ship they were about to dock with, the transports swung around into the main hangar bay. "We only have room to drop you off. We will have to relaunch two of the transports to give you room out there," the pilot informed them.

There was a soft thud as the first transport touched down. At the back of the ship the crew chief shouted everyone to their feet. "Deck pressurisation confirmed. GREEN LIGHT," he shouted as he slammed a button on the wall, hydraulics throwing the rear doors wide. Immediately the crew inside the transport was hit by the smell of flames and the sound of voices screaming. The Hangar bay was a scene of chaos. It appeared that all its support craft had also been sabotaged though at what point the crew would not be able to tell. Across the hangar were groups of people some wearing Bajoran uniforms and many other civilians.

The smell that hit Sleeford was horrendous, the sound even worse, looking at the scene there where bodies on the floor, some moving weakly, other still, the groups of uniformed Bajorians where trying to keep order in the chaos, just not successfully.

The scene laid out in front if the teams reminded Krios of the numerous battlefields he had been on. The sights and smells however did not faze him as he was here to do a job. "Alright!" Krios called out over the chaos that was surrounding them, "Everyone has their assignments. I want status updates every ten minutes. If you run into trouble call it out." He looked everyone over one last time before continuing, "As you move you will undoubtedly come across injured personnel. If they can walk, send them here. If they can not move, mark their location so we can send a team to get them out. Understood?" Receiving nods from everyone, Krios closed his eyes, took a deep breath, exhaled and finally opened his eyes with a stern look on his face. "Everyone move out!"

Looking round Sleeford knew that the on coming task was daunting, watching at the marines and security details moved out he turned to the remaining personal, "Okay, teams Beta and Gamma, set up a triage centre by the far wall. Epsilon and Omega assist the Bajorian forces to move peole this way, those that are ...". Sleeford paused trying to find the polite way of phrasing his next statement, finding none he continued, "dead, cover and treat with dignity. Okay teams, move out"

As the teams moved out, checking the bodies and covering those that where beyond help. Standing there while the area around him was cleared of debris and cleaned as best they could, as the injured started to arrived and the field medics began the task of stabilising their injuries. A tap on his shoulder made Sleeford turn more sharply then he intended, making the Bajorian security guard and the two woman with her step back slightly, shaking his head he smiled, "Sorry, how may I help"

The Bajorian looked at Sleeford for a couple of seconds, "This woman is eight and a half months pregnant and is experiencing severe abdominal pains." As she looked at Sleeford he could see that she would like nothing more then to be elsewhere.

"Okay, leave her here,"; Turning to the other woman, " Are you with her?" As she nodded Sleeford gently took her by the arm, "This way"; Looking over his shoulder he looked for a suitable medic to assist. "Henderson, I need your help."

As Henderson approached Sleeford nodded to the two women, "she needs to be somewhere secure and private, take her to one of the shuttles, if the pilot gives you grief, send him to me, take Sheila with you, make her comfortable and be prepared for a birth, If you need anything yell."

Roman had his tricorder out and scanning the freighter's interior, hopeful that he could find the Engine room. "Let's go," he called to the team guarding the engineers. "When we find a computer terminal, could you access it for a map?" Roman asked the Bajoran Engineer who was with him.

Before Krell could answer the ship shuddered for a few seconds before settling down again. The audible creaks of wounded metal causing screams from the civilians and looks of concern from the Starfleet personel. Engineers especially.

As the chaos seemed to quieten down, Sleeford found himself kneeling next to an elderly woman, with a skull fracture and severe internal injuries, without the medical facilities of the base, all he could do was keep her comfortable and she lay there talking about her life and her children, as she coughed up more blood Sleeford gently wiped the blood away.

"Soon have you up and around, chasing all the young men", Smiling down at her he could see the faint smile appear on her face."

Slapping his knee with her right hand she scolded him, "Young man I'm dying, I'm not that stupid..... But thank you for taking the time to comfort a silly old fool. ", As she coughed Sleeford smiled, "My Grand-daughter is she safe, she was having a baby you know, A strong boy, I can sense it"

Smiling down Sleeford looked at the pale faced woman, she didn't have long if he was any judge, "A young woman, black hair, in the later stages, wearing a yellow dress with blue banding? Shes on one of the shuttles as we speak"

The sound of a scream followed by silence then the sound of a baby crying made him smile, tapping his badge he spoke. "Sleeford to Henderson. If the mother and child are able , there's someone here who want to meet them"

Sitting the woman up and making here comfortable Sleeford watched as Henderson lead a pale looking woman supported by Sheila heading towards him, standing up he smiled as they approached, "Congratulations miss" As she gave him a wane smile the young woman slowly knelt beside the older woman and gently handed her baby over speaking softy in Bajorian, after a few minutes Sleeford watched as the old woman's eyes fades and her head gently flopped to the side, helping the woman to her feet he looked at her and shook his head, "I'm sorry for you lose"

As the young woman was lead away Sleeford swore, kneeling back beside the woman he gently closed her eyes and covered her with a blanket, noting her name and location of death to be passed on to the proper authorities.

As Krios led his team of marines through the decks of the ship leading to the bridge he could not help but notice the current state of things with bulkheads and conduits blown out and debris scattering the deck. The marines continued forward, triage those that they found and either marking their location for the teams coming up behind them or sending them back to the shuttle bay. After what seemed like hours they finally were at a hatch labeled "Bridge" and entered the room in the standard formation, left right left right, making sure there were not any hostiles within.

Krios did a quick scan before handing out his orders, "Alright lets find the data on what happened here. You two," he pointed to the last two marines that had made their way inside, "Begin to triage the wounded if they can walk they will go with us when we head back. If not, let's get them out into the corridor and mark their location." As the marines set about their assigned tasks, Krios could not be prouder of what he saw. A light whistle sounded and caught the attention of everyone in the room, "What is that?" Krios asked. One of his tech specialist moved over to a nearby console and punched in some commands before his gaze turned back to his commanding officer, "Slight build up in the power conduit, nothing to worry about." An audible sigh filled the room as everyone within let out the breath they had been holding.

Sometime had passed since the team had entered the bridge and began working with most of the crew that had been injured being taken out into the corridor. "I have the data sir!" One of the marines called out. "Great let us get....." Krios statement was cut short by the whistling sound having increased in pitch. The tech specialist ran back over to the console and a grave look appeared on his face, "The power build up is reaching critical. I would say from all the damage the regulators are not functioning correctly." Krios nodded and began barking orders trying to get everyone out of the room, "Get the data and the wounded out of here now!" He screamed. He reached down and helped one of the wounded up to his feet and began to make his way to the hatch when the sound increased again. Krios nodded to one of the marines by the hatch and tossed the wounded man to him. The marine caught him, pulling him out into the corridor before looking back. Krios was the only one in the room now and knew that if he did not close the hatch the resulting explosion would cascade into the rest of the ship. Krios walked over to the hatch control closing it and issued his orders. "Get everyone back to the shuttle bay. Do not worry about me, I will be fine." Behind him the power conduit finally gave out causing a massive explosion that rocked the ship.


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