Starbase 243

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Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2020 @ 9:27pm by Captain James Warrington & Lieutenant Tequila Dreik & Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev & Lieutenant Krell Mekat DEng & Lieutenant Bradley Owens & Lieutenant JG Paul Sleeford & 1st Lieutenant Krios Akati & Lieutenant Siobahn Fallon

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine

Federation Shuttle Aramis

Mekat rubbed his eyes. He had been awake for far too long but wouldn't bring himself to sleep on a shuttle cot. "Computer, how long to nearest Federation starbase?"

There was a chirp from the computer. "Approximately ten minutes at current speed."

"FINALLY!" the Bajoran bellowed into the empty cabin of the shuttle. He stood from his seat and mulled about the shuttle, getting his things together and thinking about his next steps. "Just a short layover and then on to Bajor to rendezvous with the USS Trillium," he said under his breath. He had left the Vermont three days prior after having to be towed to dock for extensive repairs. In all of his time in Starfleet, Lieutenant Krell had never had the shame of his ship needing to be towed. The Bajoran shook his head, trying to shake off the feeling of responsibility he felt for his former ship.

There was a chip from the computer, "Approaching Starbase Two Four Three."

Krell moved to his controls and slowed to impulse speeds. "Computer open a channel to the station." There was a familiar chirp in response. " This is Lieutenant Krell Mekat aboard the Shuttle Aramis, requesting permission to come aboard."

Starbase 243

Having detailed the evening shifts rotatation and sent out the patrols around the station, riding the lift up to ops, Sleeford walked round the various stations there, familiarizing himself with the layout and crew members. Walking past the operations desk, he paused as a call came in. Reaching over, Sleeford pressed the comms button.

"Starbase Two Forty-Three to Aramis, granted." Doing a quick scan, he found an empty docking space. "Proceed to dock forty-one, level two hundred." Heading to leave Ops, Sleeford went to take the lift down to dock 41.

As he was leaving, the Conn Officer called over to him. "Sir. We have a problem. Large civilian passenger transport from Bajor, the Ha'Dara just entered the system. They're not responding to signals and are approaching the station out of lane."

To Krell, sat in his shuttle, he would have seen the large ship enter to his three o'clock at one of the other nav beacons, her large size making her visible to the naked eye like most larger ships did when in such a small area. The ship itself showed no outward signs of damage. However, anyone who was close or looking through a magnified viewscreen would see the darkened windows, with sparks from damaged electricals and the orange glow in the aft section of the unmistakable fire.

The proximity sensors set off an alert in the cockpit of the Aramis. He sped up his approach to the station, hoping he might be able to avoid the larger ship that entered the area. He found the indicated docking slot and allowed the tractor beam to take control and guide him into the slot. "This is Lieutenant Krell to station ops. Ummm, I don't know if you noticed that ship coming in hot?"

As Krell flew in and docked, inside ops a whirlwind of activity had begun. The captain had been summoned and the crew were trying to get a clear picture of what was going on. "Conn. Any response to hails yet?" Warrington asked getting more and more concerned about what was effectively a no frills passenger transport. While the Ha'Dara did have many quarters onboard (as they knew from the plans they'd pulled) they also knew there were a lot of rooms where passengers would be located in big groups.

"No Sir. Sensors finally penetrated the interference from whatever is going on there. I'm reading one thousand, two hundred eighty-three life signs aboard. Looks like she was at full capacity for this voyage." He paused for a moment, colour draining as he read the display. "Sir, life sign count is dropping. Still no transporter locks."

Furrowing his brow James took a second to take a deep breath. "Alright then. LISTEN UP everybody," he called out to ops to quiet it down. "We are now working on the theory that the Ha'Dara has sustained major internal damage, is without manoeuvring thrust and without a bridge crew. This is now a life saving mission." He walked to the command desk at the centre of the room and hit the intercom for a station-wide broadcast. "This is the Captain. Civilian vessel in severe distress. All hands to action stations. Red Alert." Across the station off duty Starfleet personnel were dropping what they were doing and charging out of shops, cafes and their rooms while the civilian populace began to hunker down, gossip flying around already as they tried to use any connections they had to find out which ship was in trouble.

Having turned back, Sleeford headed to the security/tactical station, running a system wide scan for any other vessels. "Nothing in the area sir, other the Aramis and the Ha'Dara. Looking at the latter, there might be signs of weapons damage. I wont know until I get a better look."

James turned first to Sleeford. "Lieutenant Sleeford. You are to report to the Marine hangar deck immediately with a security team and any first aiders in your department. You'll need at least forty staff. Go now."

"Aye sir." nodding to his replacement Sleeford moved to the turbolift, hitting his badge as he went. "Sleeford to security, Alpha and Beta teams meet me in Marine hanger in five minutes, armed, combat medics grab medkits. "As the car rode down Sleeford ran through the various scenarios all of them leading to a fight. The best he could hope for was a major environmental problem and not an insurrection.

As he arrived at the armoury, Sleeford grabbed a rifle and tactical uniform, pulling it on as he headed to join his teams.

Entering the hanger deck he walked over to where the security officers stood in a group. "Okay we have incoming. Civilian vessel the Ha'Dara. She's damaged and not answering hails, last known compliment was over a thousand, so lots of possible injuries. We're going to have lots of scared people in there. We get them out, triage them, pass them on to medical and assist engineering to try and stabilise the ship."

James tapped his combadge with the room still watching him, "Warrington to Fallon. Medical emergency onboard the civilian vessel Ha'Dara. Prepare all sickbays for triage and dispatch as many medical personal as you can spare to the Marine Hangar immediately." He looked over to the conn next. "Plot current trajectory of that ship. I want to know where it's heading exactly, and begin to clear airspace. Instruct Lieutenant Owens to scramble fighters to intercept and to keep the path of that ship clear. Sector wide broadcast to all inbound traffic to hold their position."

"You heard him!" Siobahn called across the otherwise relatively quiet sickbay. "Ngaire, prep surgical one and two. Ensign Kirkland prepare triage facilities. "Harborough, James, Laurenson, Vivek, Stratton, grab nurses and get a site to site transport to the marine hangar. Cressida, Bailey and Stryden, go to the marine hangar for triage and transport." Drawing a deep breath she straightened her back. "Take medical kits with you. We haven't assessed the ones in the marine area yet!" she called after them.

Starbase air wing commander Lieutenant Owens was going over a maintenance log when the red alert klaxon blared in the large fighter hanger, red lights flashing along the walls as the voice of Captain Warrington came over the intercom system. "Let's go, people!"

Starbase 243 had a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) ready to go on standby notice in case anything like the current event happened. He was already in his flight suit, being a member of the squadron on duty at the time. He and the other four pilots raced to their fighters and started Abbreviated Launch Startup (ALS) sequence. A normal cold start of the star fighters could take several minutes but the ALS procedure had craft systems booted up and simply in a standby 'sleep' mode. Sealing his helmet, Brad locked the cockpit canopy in place, did a radio comms check with the space traffic controller (STC) and saluted the catapult operator, signaling the man to launch him out of the tube.

The other four members of the 'Screaming Eagles' squadron followed suit and within ninety seconds, five star fighters had been launched out of the hangar and had taken up formation. Lt. Owens then plotted a course to the civilian ship on a direct course for the station and punched his craft into full impulse to reach it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, high up in the hangar, the STC officer punched the intercom button on his display to be patched into the ops comm officer. "Ops, QRF has been launched. Intercept in two minutes."

James again reaching for his combadge and opened a line to the Marine Commander. "First Lieutenant. Prepare transports for boarding action. As many as you can get. You have less than five minutes to strip them of anything useless and fill them with spare medical equipment and any cutting equipment you have. Get our rescue teams out there, lieutenant."

"Right away sir!" Krios quickly tapped his combadge as he began to run down the corridor. "Guard teams one through four, gear up and and report the the Marine hanger deck!" Krios practically flew into the armory where his last team was gearing up. A smile kept across his face as he looked his men over. They looked good, now comes the real test. He began to gear up himself but noticed a young marine that seemed quite nervous. Placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder, he said "You'll do fine Perkins. Just follow your team leader's commands." Looking up, Krios realized the other marines were looking at him. "Alright boys, we've got a transport coming in. No response, over one thousand people on board. We're going to get them out. On me!"

The massive doors to the hanger bay hissed open revealing all four teams. "Get those transports unloaded of anything not needed to make it fly and load cutting tools and med gear!" Krios shouted over the deck. He quickly scanned for the security teams. Finding them he recognized the man in charge, "Sleeford!"

Turning Sleeford saw the Marine CO striding over, "Sir?"

Krios stopped just short of Sleeford, "We don't know what we're going to come across once we get in there. I'll take my guys in first, secure the area, than you bring your boys up and hold that area and treat the wounded."

Nodding to the marine, Sleeford turned to the security detail. "Okay, teams A, B, D and H, med kits, triage, treat and along with C, E, F and I, assist with the evacuation. Remainder hold the area behind the marines. Okay gear up and move out." As security moved to the shuttles Sleeford checked his own weapon and gear, following his team he waited for the word to go.

Lieutenant Krell raced out of the dock and through the corridors towards Ops. He tapped his combadge. “Lieutenant Krell to Ops. Can I be of any assistance?”

"CiC to Engineering. I need damage control teams to the Marine hangar now. Civilian vessel. Take what you need," James instructed, barely finishing when a conn alerted him to a message from a Lieutenant Krell. "Open the channel," James said quickly. "We see it, lieutenant," James replied to him pulling up the man's service jacket. Seeing that he was a transferring chief engineer, the captain wasted no time. "Engineer. Good. Lieutenant, you're now on duty. Report to the Marine flight deck immediately. Link up with the engineering team there. Work with Lieutenant tr'Khev and get those people out."

"Yes sir," said the Bajoran lieutenant. Mekat diverted his course and made towards the Marine Hangar.

Roman had been observing the incoming civilian vessel, from an Operations station in Main Engineering, and was already on the move with 2 damage control teams. The Romulan hoped they wouldn't have to request more fighter craft from Starfleet. He had sent forewarning to the Marines Flight Deck that they were coming to assist them.

Tractor beams seemed to not be either functional or able to track the vessel quickly enough to lock on. Hopefully the internal arrays will help to settle the civilian vessel into a landing. Roman had doubts though as he ran with the DC teams.

Looking at the activity going on around the hanger deck Sleeford felt a strange sense of calm, until the ship had been either landed, or stabilised for shuttle landing, there was nothing he could do to make matters better or worse, taking a breath he looked over his detail, "Okay ladies and gents, load up and get ready for anything, you heard Lieutenant Akati, we go in after the jarheads, someone's got to show them how its done", winking at his troops Sleeford allowed the small amount of laughter flow. "OKAY BOARD UP AND BE CAREFUL" walking to the closest shuttle Sleeford waited.

Lieutenant Owens and his wingmen flew up to the civilian freighter and made a formation pass right by it, looking to see if there was any visual damage to the outer hull before banking around and taking up formation around the ship. "Two-Forty-Three, this is Alpha One. We've intercepted the civilian ship and are in escort formation. Do you have any additional orders? Over.


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