Starbase 243

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When the boss is away the kids will play

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 @ 8:12pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Sleeford & Captain James Warrington

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Security offices
Timeline: Shortly after Blackbird Departure

With his Chief of security off the station James was keen to meet and make sure her deputy had all he needed in her absence, especially since the command team weren't sure how long she would be. Arriving at the main security office he was met with a few 'Sir's' as various security officers noticed him slightly surprised to see him, others who were too busy or knew not to carried barely even looked up. Stopping a female Ensign on her way past he asked, "Ensign. Where is Lieutenant Sleeford?"

Looking up from the desk he'd commandeered, Standing Sleeford saw the station captain standing there. "Sir."

"Quite alright Lieutenant," James said as he walked to the desk. "Please keep your seat. I'm in your house so to speak. Rather more so than usual it would seem," he added referring to the Chief's departure on her mission. "How have you been settling in so far?"

Sitting back down Sleeford nodded to one of the SOs to bring over a chair for the captain. "Well after an uneventful trip over I'm still finding my feet, Its a large station, lots of places to loose stuff and someone if you don't want them found. We have ships both civilian and fleet from all knows planetary regions, making for some interesting interactions. From the logs I've read so far this is just a normal day on the station. I have a stack of PADDs to read and to be honest captian I'm having the time of my life, weird as it sounds. "

James chuckled, quickly thanking the officer for the chair before sitting down. "Yes it's certainly a different kind of buzz isn't it. So much life on board and so much of it operating to its own pulse instead of the regular rhythm of unison on a starship. Though I'm glad to hear all is calm tonight."

Noddig once, Sleeford took a quick glance round the room, taking in the large situation panels showing what ships where were. "It is tonight, most of the ships are stood down and quite, two have requested permission to leave. The officers on patrol have reported in that everything seems quiet and orderly, which means something is up somewhere, call me suspicious and cynical, but when things are like this I worry. "

"Your probably not wrong in all fairness," James replied musing to himself. "But you can enjoy the quiet for now. I bet you'll be wishing for it back when something does kick off."

Laughing Sleeford smiled slightly, "To be honest Captian, I need to take a patrol around the station, along with a visit to sickbay and the counsellor, the usual new duty station activities."

"I'd suggest getting those out of the way tomorrow. The sooner that's all wrapped up the more you can focus down," Warrington suggested knowing he would need Sleeford at his best. "What are your first thoughts of 243?

"I noted as I arrived that there's a lot of work to do here, repairs and so forth. It's going to be an interesting station to work in. I've yet to meet the chief, so I'll assume she's on a mission of vital importance"

Nodding James calculated for a moment, "She is. Long story short she is going out to the colonies. A few civilian ships in our area have been attacked and she has been sent to see what the locals know." He crossed his legs and folded his arms, "As for the station mostly just the usual housekeeping to get it back to full order. Although if all goes to plans we will have major renovations soon."

Looking across the desk Sleeford caught the 'if all goes to plan' and wondered if it didn't it was going to be a long haul getting the station sorted, the sort of duty station you could spend your entire career and not see half of it. "So do we suspect pirates or local disagreements? Either could cause major problems in the systems, especially if trade is being effected. I'll read the logs we have see if anything comes up this end."

Captain James Warrington
COmmanding Officer
Lt JG Paul Sleeford
Assist Chief Of Security


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