Starbase 243

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A Request

Posted on Sat Oct 31st, 2020 @ 9:46am by Captain James Warrington & Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Captain's Office

Roman walked up to the door and tapped the chime. He had a few padds in his hands for he had many reports to sort through and then issue additional orders. Though he had talked with Andronikos about it last night and the Romulan had come to a decision.

Not expecting anyone James desk was a mess, covered in reports of one for or another with three empty and a fourth half drunk mug of tea sat beside him. Pushing the button on his desk he opened the door and called out for whoever it was to come inside whilst he tried to straighten the desk a little, mostly failing. "Ah. Lieutenant. What can I do for you?

"Sorry to bother you Captain, but I have a request." Roman began, he saw that the Commanding Officer was experiencing the same level of stress, or more, as the Romulan was.

"Of course. Take a seat," James offered indicating to the chair opposite him. "So. What can I do for you," he asked.

Roman sat down and took a deep breath. "I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew to quote a human phrase. I'm more an Engineer than a Manager, so I believe I will be more useful as Assistant Chief Engineer." He said.

James frowned and scratching his chin. "Well. If thats how you feel that is how you feel. Given our projected role we shouldn't be too hard-pressed to find a new Chief. Have you given any thought to whether your staying here or not? I know it can be awkward stepping back," the Captain asked curious to see if Roman had thought it all through.

"I'm staying, I have no concern as to what others think of my choices sir." Roman said confidently.

"Well that is good to know. I'll get the paperwork sorted here now for that then," James replied to the fellow engineer.

Roman smiled. "Wonderful, I had already left orders for most of the Operations and Engineering department before I came here, so they should be busy enough for a little while sir. Unless you have new ones?" He asked.

Shaking his head James replied, "Nope I'm sure the work you've left them to do will be more than adequate to keep them busy for the next while. Although your not completely off the hook until the new Chief gets here," James added. "If that's all Lieutenant I want to grab a bite to eat before the evening shift."

"Yes sir, have a good night." Roman stood and waited to be dismissed.

Dismissing Roman James waited until he left before sighing. He knew himself that running an engineering department, especially tied with ops and on a large ship or station took you away from the real engineering. While disappointed somewhat he completely understood the Lieutenants position and he grabbed a fresh padd to begin looking for a new Chief.


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