Starbase 243

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A differant home

Posted on Wed Oct 21st, 2020 @ 6:57pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Sleeford

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: USS Elliot/SB243

Sleeford stood in the small lounge of the Elliot, watching as the crew went about there usual business.
Approaching the small bar he ordered a small scotch and found an empty table, opening the PADD he read about his new home and the command staff.

~Seem an interesting bunch, this was going to be an interesting assignment~ he thought as he read the bios and service records, crossing his legs he sat and stared out of the window watching the stars fly past. The idea of serving on a large station had never occurred to Sleeford, he like most of his class had wanted to go into space, fight the bad guys, save the federation from mortal danger, now here he was going to an unknown station on the edge of 'civilised' space.

As the ship came out of light speed Sleeford stood, walked to the window as the station came into view. As the ship crawled through the dock outer doors, Sleeford saw for the first time how big she really was and the state of disrepair she was in. seeing all manner of classes of ships both fleet and civilian he knew it was an interesting assignment.

Watching as Elliot slowly glides sidewards to a docking bay and came to a complete stop, with a barely perseptable bump. Placing his glass on the bar, Sleeford headed for the shared quaters he had been using for his transfer. Walking in he saw a scene of devistation as his bunk mate was throwing cloths around like a dervish. Standing back as the young female ensign grabbed a handful of under wear and skirts and shoved them in a bag.

"Need a hand or can you manage to wreck the room on your own?" Laughing Sleeford edged into the room and grabbed his bag from the end on his bunk.

As she looked up and blushed "Sorry Paul, I just realised i couldn't find most of my civi clothes. I knew i'd packed them"

Looking round the room at Sleefrod shook his head, "Probably somewhere in this heap. Good luck."

Walking out laughing Sleeford heaed to the turbo lift and rode up to the nearest docking port, joining the queue of personal leaving the ship either to join the station or just going for R&R, moving down the slowly moving line he took his turn at the security check point. Nodding to the security guard on duty he walked through the airlock and onto the station proper.

Joining the throng as it moved along the corridor Sleeford found himself on a large landing overlooking a vast open area at least 10 decks high, looking over the railing he saw that every two decks ther where similar landings, looking round for a terminal to let the command staff know he was on station.


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