Starbase 243

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Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2020 @ 9:28pm by Patrick Smith & Lieutenant Tequila Dreik & Lieutenant Andrew "Drew" Hunter & Lieutenant Bradley Owens & Bexley Quinn

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine

Tiki walked into the hangar barely 25 minutes later. Drew had become unusually quiet as he walked her to the doors and picked up her backpack, handing it across to her. She kept her head down as she walked, not wanting to risk the chance that someone may recognize her and say something. Finally, finding the correct vessel, Tiki offered a nod to the blonde who was standing next to it. "Is he back yet?"

Bex raised an eyebrow, casting a slow glance over the woman that had spoken to her. "I'm sorry, and you are?" she asked, the hint of ice unmistakable in her voice.

"Tiki, I've got passage on the Blackbird."

Lips pursed tightly, Bex looked beyond her and nodded toward the door Tiki would have just entered before folding her arms across her chest, waiting for Nine to join them.

Nine was up front setting up nav waypoints for their trip when he heard the sound of someone entering through the top hatch. Checking the time he decided to lock the console and headed back. "Welcome aboard. First things first. Commbadge," he said holding out his hand.

Bex's eyes widened as she glanced between Nine and Tiki. "She's Starfleet?" she asked quietly. "I hope you know what you're doing..."

Ignoring the remark from Bex, Tiki slid her hand into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out her commbadge, handing it across to him. "I expect that back when we're done," she warned calmly.

Taking the commbadge Nine palmed it for a moment, it's weight a little too familier. "It'll be safe. Long story short Bex Starfleet are as interested in the pirates as we are. So Tiki will be joining us for a little sight seeing tour. Follow," he instructed both as he led the way to the cockpit. Once inside he went to the same hidden compartment that contained the cases of latinum he had used to pay off Bex's debt, this time selecting a second box. Opening it he placed the Lieutenants comm badge inside explaining, "Little box is shielded. Good for yeno. Stuff," he said with a smirk.

Tiki watched as he took the commbadge and secreted it in a box. For the briefest of moments she caught a glimpse of a second commbadge. She cast a quick glance toward Bex, who had already walked away, narrowing her eyes slightly before glancing back at Nine. "How long until we leave?" she asked before turning and following Bex. "I'd like to get underway as soon as possible."

Closing up the compartment he turned and grabbed his chair. "We can go right away. Itll take a few moment to get the hatches locked down and release the lines. Grab a seat," he said pointing to one of the two fold down passenger seats.

Tiki sat on a fold down seat, watching as Bex slid into the seat next to Nine. There was a feeling of uneasiness as she watched Nine start going through the pre launch checklist. Reaching behind her back, she ran her fingertips lightly across the phaser resting in the small of her back. Even it felt wrong to touch. It wasn't her phaser, it wasn't even one of her weapons. It was a small disruptor, 'borrowed' from the evidence lockers on the station for the purpose of this jaunt. Even though it had been fully tested, it wasn't hers. Despite her eccentricities, she was in some ways a creature of habit, especially where her weapons were concerned.

"Try not to damage the starbase on your way out," Tiki quipped, turning her gaze back to the others. "The warlord doesn't like minions scratching up his stuff."

"Well then. I'll be sure to make sure they know you were on board," he replied with a cheeky grin as the sound of the docking clamps and other docking lines all disconnected from the ship. "Alrighty. Here we go," he said using thrusters to take the ship off the hatch and out towards the dock.

"Trust me, that won't go in your favour," Tiki replied as she leaned back in the seat, letting him do his thing.

Bex glanced toward Nine, raising an eyebrow questioningly. "I hope you know what you're doing," she murmured quietly before turning her attention back to the console on front of her.

As the Blackbird moved towards the hangar exit Nine announced to the room, "Here we go," and at the same time hit the impulse engines throwing the craft forward. Mercifully for anyone else this was an exterior hangar and so other ships were safe however it didn't go unnoticed by the control tower.


Brad Owens slid into the star fighter craft with the words:

Lt. Brad Owens

stenciled in paint along the edge of the cockpit. It felt like a well-fit glove. He pondered his career moving forward and promised that despite being the station's air wing commander, and whatever moves he would make up the career ladder, he would continue to stay proficient in his first and best destiny: combat flying. As part of that personal oath, he chose to lead a routine patrol mission at least once a week.

He powered on the craft and booted up the main computer along with the engine thrusters. The familiar whine of the engines behind him started rising in pitch and he could feel the power through his seat. He then went about completing the pre flight checklist, going through the various gauges and switches to the craft and being taxied to the hanger launch lane. Behind his fighter the other pilots in his squad were completing their own checklists and lining up. Once that was all done and launch authorization was given from the control room, he saluted and then was pushed back in his seat as the magnetic rails along the launch deck shot his craft past the hanger doors and the environmental forcefield holding the air inside.

"Jester this is control. We got an early worm for you today. Ship registered under the name Blackbird just did a hot launch out dock. Go slow him down and give him the ninth degree for us," came the request from control.

"Alpha One, acknowledged." Owens pushed the throttle on his craft as his squadron of four other birds kept formation with him as the station got smaller and smaller.

In the Blackbird as they began to head out to the warp Nav Buoys Nines console beeped as it registered the fighters soft locking him from a distance. "Oh look. I must have spilt someone's tea. Let's see how these guys fly," he said as he increased his speed and began to weave through the ships heading in and out.

Lt. Owens and his squadron came upon the cargo ship and just as he was locking onto it in standard security protocol, he noticed that the ship increased speed in what he assumed was a futile effort to escape. He punched the open comms channel hail button. "Cargo vessel Blackbird, this is Lieutenant Owens of Starbase Two-Forty-Three. You are ordered to slow to one third impulse and set a direct course back to starbase immediately. Do you acknowledge?"

Dispensing of the theatrics and leveling the fighter into a straight path to the nav point, because even when in a funny mood that's one rule you don't break, Nine kept the Blackbirds speed up. "Lieutenant. We are on an urgent time sensitive delivery to Vergedi mining base. You are welcome to scan us but we are under no obligation to turn around."

"I don't know what they're playing at," Tiki growled softly. "Damn it."

Drew had decided to swing by Ops after his brief meet up with Tiki before her departure. Still clad in civilian attire he stepped in to the station's command center and nodded at the duty officer standing by the situation table. He wandered over to see a look of apprehension on the officer's face. "What's going on Mister Tyler?"

"Looks like a transport in a hurry to meet a deadline Sir," Tyler responded bringing up the tactical map on the central holo table. "As you can see it's flying a little close to other traffic. Owens flight is close behind but staying at a safe distance."

Drew looked at the holographic display for a moment. He recognized the ship as the one Tiki had boarded. He looked to the operations specialist at the communications console. "Hail Jester and inform him and his flight to break off pursuit." He turned to Tyler. "Send out an encrypted message to all Starfleet vessels to not interfere with that ship for the next 24 hours. Any transmission from that ship is to be tagged, recorded and a transcript sent to me immediately."

Nodding Tyler began to type a message to Owens while also hitting comms. "Ops to Jester. You are instructed to break off. Please confirm."

Owens toggled the communications switch to the incoming transmission channel. "This is Jester. Message received. Breaking off and heading home. Over." He didn't bother sending another message to the other ship and instead told the other star fighter pilots that it was chow time. He banked around and headed back to the starbase hangar.

"Well," said watching the ships suddenly break off. "I think you have a guardian Angel on the station. Let's get out of here."


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