Starbase 243

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I Guess We Are Ready…

Posted on Mon Oct 5th, 2020 @ 4:10pm by Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Starbase 243, Main Engineering

Roman had returned to Main Engineering and quickly grabbed a beverage, a facsimile from Romulus that wasn’t illegal. He had been meaning to update Federation replicator patterns for Romulan drinks and foods every time he had some but this Starbase required a lot of attention.

Reports from supply officers from around the Starbase had come pouring in just as Roman sat down at his command station. It seemed only a small fraction of the supplies, and anything else, the Starbase had on hand at the time the Starbase was put back into service were unaccounted for. Now that he had a complete team investigating it, he hoped answers would reveal things soon.

The odd part was that not only that but several rooms and machinery were also unaccounted for, but a few times operations officers checked, they were all working and staffed. Roman, being Romulan and a former son of the Tal Shiar, knew there had to be more going on. So he decided to go looking into it himself along with Security Investigations, but first there had been the many transports and civilian ships delivering a great number of supplies.

Roman had heard that supply officers were doing their best but the volume of it all was just too large, it would take time. Though that was over 48 hours ago, he had all of the supplies department working on it.

Just before Roman nearly fell asleep at his desk from his own efforts in Stocktaking, several reports had appeared on his computer. All of them had a detailed inventory of the new supplies, gear and other things. Alongside the inventory, a schedule of who would be working on distribution and storage of the supplies. The last document was of what went where with a generalised timeframe of when things would be done.

Roman nodded, he liked order and he was feeling pride for the department.

He decided to give the schedule to the Captain. Roman quickly copied the schedule document and sent it to Warrington’s computer and also asked if any more transports are expected or unaccounted for.


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