Starbase 243

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The Plan

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 @ 11:40pm by 1st Lieutenant Krios Akati & Captain James Warrington

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Krios was walking down the corridor, PaDDs in hand. This was the moment of truth for his planed reformation of the marines on station. After reviewing the records and observing them for the last few weeks, he had decided that a change was needed. His plan was, with Captain Warrington's approval, to break the company down to it's base elements and build it back up. Krios was anxious about the endeavor. He had never undertaken such a large task, not even the assault he lead on Galen III had been as big. He had never shrank away from a challenge before and he would drag his marines, kicking and screaming if need be, and train them into a proper fighting force.

Rounding the corner, Krios stopped in front of the door. Taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes, he readied himself for the pitch he was about to give the Captain. He opened his eyes, exhaled, and pressed the chime.

James opened the door from his desk. Meetings with Marines were always interesting and he was keen to see how Akati's personality sat outside the reports and group briefings. "Lieutenant. Come in and grab a seat," he called out.

"Thank you sir." Krios walked in and took a seat opposite James. A deep breath filled his lungs as he prepared for what he needed to say. "I briefly mentioned the sad state of the marines on station during the staff meeting the other day," he said in an enthusiastic tone. "I have a plan to solve that problem." Krios slid one of his PaDDs across the table. " This sir, if done correctly, will solve everything."

"You do?" James asked as he took the padd and slid it across to infont of himself, leaving it on the desk and not picking it up however. "Before I read about it. Why don't you tell me about it without the flowery report fluff?"

Krios let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you sir. To put things bluntly, my marines are low on morale, under trained, undisciplined and under geared." Standing, Krios began talking with his hands, "Throughout history there have been elite units that have been both the hammer when a line needed to be broken and also peacekeepers. These units were called The Guard." Pausing for effect he gathered his thoughts, "My plan is to turn these sad excuses for marines into such a unit."

"Well. I would certainly rather a specialised unit especially with the potential for heightened tensions," James replied back to him. "My concern currently is the potential for collateral damage especially in some of the boarding actions but if we can iron that out I'll be happy. How do you want to accomplish this?"

"First thing is to breakdown the unit to its base elements. Evaluate the marines and reform the teams based on those evaluations into more cohesive units. Once that is all done, that's where the real struggle begins in retraining them."

Krios pulled another PaDD and handed it to the Captain, "When I was on patrol I noticed that standard procedure, as it currently stands, is to conduct inspections in full gear, form up to breach on the bulkhead, and finally clear the deck. Good practice if we are conducting a hostile boarding action. With safety inspections however, we'll be retraining them to be more hospitable. No combat gear and only side arms. Also we will be securing the deck, not clearing it."

"Excellent. I know a lot of folks are uneasy about the idea of Marines helping out but if you can get them to the level both of tact and able to be safe with minimal equipment it will go a long way to making everythnig easier for you," James replied very pleased at the goals Krios was setting out. "We need to of course make sure that you don't end up being a second security unit. So I want you to make sure your regular training keeps up as well. Ideally help security out with a few crazy boarding drills as well."

A chuckle escaped Krios's lips, "Sir, security is who you send to break up a fight. Marines are who you send to end one." Once again taking his seat, Krios began to break down the plan, "Our training will of course remain, however I will be intensifying things. There is no such thing as the minimum in my unit sir. Its going to be hard and rough, you might even get a few complaints against me. I promise I won't be abusing them, it will just be harder than what they are used to."

"Good. I like this. Tell me what you need to get started then?" James asked keen to get his Marine CO rolling and get the training into place.

"I already requested the equipment we'll need." Seeing a quizzical look on James' face, "I'm a tactician. I tend to think three moves ahead. The only thing we could use is possibly converting one of the larger unused cargo bays into a training holodeck."

"Engineering just finished their inventory. There's a rather nice on in the lower levels that'll do the job rightly. Get it setup and I look forward to the results," James said ending the meeting.


Captain James Warrington
Builder of things the Marines Break


1st Lieutenant Krios Akati
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