Starbase 243

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Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant Bradley Owens & Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: 1030 Hours

Lieutenant Owens smoothed his air wing beret right before the turbolift opened into main engineering of the giant starbase. It looked several orders of magnitude larger than a typical starship engineering compartment, which made complete sense. He made his way past several teams of engineers going about their daily tasks of repairs, diagnostics and other related items of importance as he approached the main hub. The master systems display or 'pool table' was quite large and complimented the huge display schematic of the entire starbase on one wall, with many different colored lines snaking through the picture, no doubt referencing different power systems and ODN relays. He spotted a large office to one side with a large window that no doubt was the chief's office. A man with pointed ears sat at the table which had to be the chief engineer, unless there were other pointy-eared engineers with offices. Brad walked to the open door and knocked on the door frame. "Lieutenant tr'Khev?"

Roman had been around the station several times, he had missed a meeting but if it was actually important he'd be informed of anything he'd need to know. Otherwise he carried on with the massive inventory check that he had most of Operations department on.

The engineers were mostly working on getting the station back up to battle ready status as supplies and resources were delivered or found. The Romulan had been able to catch a break before he returned to the stocktake efforts, while he got someone to take on the storage rooms he was heading to before returning to his office.

He was so engrossed in reading the reports from various team leaders that he failed to hear someone by his office and jumped at the knock. Roman hated being surprised, he cursed under his breath for all his training and renewed to keep a better awareness around him.

Roman looked over to the door to see someone he hadn't met before. "Hello, yes I am Chief Engineer/Operations Officer, Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev. How can I help you?" he asked.

Brad held up a hand as he managed to see how busy the chief appeared to be at this time. "I'm Lieutenant Owens, the new CAG. It looks like you're really busy. I can come back at a later time if that would be better?"

"What do you need, lieutenant?" Roman asked again.

Owens stepped fully inside and sat down in a chair opposite the chief without asking and offered him the PADD he'd been carrying. "So it turns out our air wing requisitions guy was raised by Pakleds because the inventory wasn't even kept up to date. I managed to sort through the mess but several parts orders now need to be placed. In the meantime, I was wondering if engineering would be able to manufacture that list as a stopgap measure until the next cargo supply?"

"Placed or replaced?" Roman asked as he accepted the PADD and gave it a quick read over, tapping at the buttons to make the list scroll.

He saw a few items that Roman recalled were available. "I can fill some of these but not all. The industrial replicators are already at max with a long backlist," the Romulan said a moment after.

"That PADD has placed and need to be placed in two categories, though like I said, anything we can manufacture here saves time."

“I see,” Roman said with a nod. “If any of your deck personnel can be available to assist in the duty shifts for the replicators I can put some of these to be ordered items into the schedule. Though for items we can't replicate I suggest you take to the Captain, he will be able to place priority on the requisitions with Starfleet Operations, and the Corps of Engineers.”

He edited the lists on the padd to only have the items or components of items that cannot be replicated remaining. “I have transferred the parts that we can make here off the padd, the rest have to be sent to us.” He offered the padd back.

Roman leaned forward. “And between us just order what you have already again, for good measure.” The Romulan winked.

"Thank you very much," Owens said. "I'll have my maintenance chief coordinate with your guys to schedule personnel to assist with the industrial replicators." He rose from his seat and pulled one of the aluminum tubes out of his left shoulder pocket. "You like cigars, Roman?"

"No thank you, you do realise those are not allowed in Starfleet?" Roman asked with a raised eyebrow at the CAG.

Owens chuckled and offered an indifferent shrug. "Never cared to ask, actually. This brand is pretty great, with a nice blend of different leaves for a rich and smooth draw."

Roman continued to eye the CAG. "So it doesn't compromise health?" he asked.

"No because you don't inhale the smoke. It's just about the flavor of the tobacco." Owens leaned back in his chair and slid the container back into his jacket pocket with a shrug and then added, "Maybe I can buy you a drink in the officers lounge sometime." He hoped that he could steer the conversation away from cigars. The chief engineer appeared to Owens as a rather unsociable character and didn't want to ruffle his feathers.

"I wish I could, there's so much to do and most likely not enough time." Roman said with a frown as he tapped at his computer as well as comparing with various padds. "Do you have all your auxiliary crafts or are you still expecting them to arrive?" He asked.

Owens tugged his uniform front downward to smooth it and let go any notion of gaining a familial rapport with the engineer and thanking him for his help. It was clear to him that the man was consumed by work and so Brad decided to keep things on the same track of just the facts. "We have most of them but there are one or two still due to arrive."

Roman nodded. "Would you happen to know the names of them? I shall keep an eye out for them." He smiled briefly as he made eye contact for a few moments before returning them to his padds and computer. Several more inventory lists had been confirmed and added to the collection, Roman smiled again as he read the lists.

"Off the top of my head, I believe they're two modified work bees for recovery efforts," Owens replied with a smile before standing up from the chair. "If you find them I'd greatly appreciate it, chief."

The Romulan nodded as he watched Owens stand up. "It may not be me who let's you know just so you are aware," he smiled as he momentarily got distracted of how the workbees would be modified for recovery operations. He blinked and offered his hand. "See you around."

Brad nodded with a smile and shook the man's offered hand. "Hey, that's no problem on my end, chief." And with that, Owens straightened his beret again and headed out of engineering and back to the hangar bay.

Lieutenant Bradley Owens
Commander - Air Wing, Starbase 243

Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev
Chief Engineer, Starbase 243


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