Starbase 243

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The Currency of Information

Posted on Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 7:05pm by Bexley Quinn & Patrick Smith

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Internal Docking Ports

=/\= Blackbird this is tower. You are cleared to dock via the secondary docking bay doors and with internal docking latch number eighty-seven. Please follow the nav waypoints on your display. =/\=

The voice on the comms sounded tired today which given the traffic they had passed on the way in was no surprise. Being a regular who hadn't yet had an issue he was today not subject to one of the bases new searches. Heaven knows only how much longer that would last. As he piloted the ship through the nav waypoints on thrusters he remembered once again what it was like to be able to call somewhere like this a friendly port as the Blackbird slipped inside the massive internal door. Manoeuvring into position to the docking hatch he rolled the ship gently over and connected via the top latch. "A little bit of a pain to get out today but a quick trip to my contact and a nice short jaunt to the promenade afterwards" he called back to Bex.

"Sounds like a plan," Bex called back as she approached behind him. "Is there anything in particular I should know? Anyone to avoid?" She shrugged slightly. "I haven't had down time for a while, do people still go to bars and clubs?" She grinned.

"Well they go to the club here that's for sure. Legacies is a good spot to people watch and its as private as you either do or do not want it to be. Plus the scram is fantastic," Nine added as his stomach did a little rumble at the thought. "Take this," he said passing her a padd. "Your 'company card'. Also it has snake on there if you get bored. It's an old earth game, just go with it," he hastily added to clarify.

"I see," Bex said, raising one eyebrow slightly as she watched him. "Maybe I should just stay on the ship," she added as she started second guessing herself. "I'll probably get myself into trouble or something..."

"Look," Nine said flatly as he stood. "After the job you just had your own of the most badass people on this stupid hunk of metal. If you want to go slow, head to Legacies for some real food and then ask at the bar for advice on which shops for what you like. The card will let them know your with me and they'll keep your right. Plus," he added grinning as he reached into a normal locker and pulled out a black jacket similar to his but with two belt style loops and a much more fitted style, "Dress for the confidence you want to exude. If you act confident and look confident. You'll be fine. people can't see the nerves inside."

Shrugging into the jacket as he handed it to her, she pulled her hair out and let it fall down her back, holding her arms out and laughing. "There you go, better? Do I look like I fit in now?"

"Oh yes. You look like a proper hardened smuggler now," Nine answered with a bit of sarcasm. "For real though. You'll be fine," he said as he headed out to the docking hatch. Unlocking it the door above opened and he began to climb up the ladder, the air from the station hitting him and aggravating his nose as always.

Resisting the urge to smack him, Bex waited until he'd gone through the docking hatch before following him, taking a deep breath. It felt odd to be setting foot in the station as a free individual. Patrick had gone out of his way to set her up with everything she needed, she could allegedly shop to her heart's content, which she wouldn't, not at all. The math of what she owed him already stacked immeasurably against her, but there was nothing wrong with looking, right?

"Do you want me to come with while you go see your friend?" She asked with uncertainty.

"Sure. Your not going to learn the game otherwise," Nine answered as he greeted the Operations Officer who had come over to them. Handing over his manifest the crewman spoke.

"Ah. Welcome back. And another crew member, that's new," the crewman commented. "Welcome to Starbase 243 Miss Quinn," he said politely as he handed the manifest back to Nine. "I'll make sure those crates are beams to Legacies as soon as possible for you."

"Thanks," Nine said taking the padd back. "There's a spare case next transporter ID down in sequence for the deck crew as well. Actually not bad stuff this time," he added. The crewman nodded and headed off as Nine began onwards again heading through the docking area to the requisitions officer.

"You wouldn't happen to be bribing Starfleet Officials now would you Nine," Bex asked with a grin as she fell in step beside him. "You must be here pretty regularly, he seemed to know you well."

"It's only a bribe if you ask for something in return," he replies with a rather sly look on his face. "243 has been my regular stopover for the last ten months or so. As much as I like the colonies at least the rooms here are secure and I know the maintenance done won't gut the ship."

"Mmhmmm..." Bex's response was dry, her eyebrow arched as they kept walking. "I'm sure that's all there is to it."

Holding his hands up, "Ok so I tend to get good docking spots and moved up the queue a bit. But they do that on their own."

"I'm sure." She lapsed into silence as they walked through the corridor. "Well, if it works in your favour, why not."

"Bingo." After a short walk the two reached the main commercial hangar section. Nine led them over to the requisitions section where a rather worn out Lieutenant JG was overseeing things. Spotting Nine coming he left the counters where his team were busy taking orders for parts and supplies from the civilians.

"Well well well. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes," the man said before stopping and motioning to bex with his eyes. A quick nod from Nine and he carried on. "Safe travels again?"

"As always Max. Besides they all know better," Nine said back face remaining neutral. "This is Bex. She is with me," he added by way of introduction.

"A pleasure Bex. You know I thought this guy was never going to take a partner on board. Starting to become a moody wee git he was being alone so much," Max teased.

"Don't be fooled, he's still a moody wee git," Bex shot back without missing a beat. "Nice to meet you Max." She smiled politely and glanced around the area around them, taking in their surroundings.

Nine snorted, "Yea fair enough. Listen. Normally I'd love to banter about but I need a quick turn around," he said getting to businessas he pulled out a small padd. "I need anything you have on this ship."

Max stared at him sighing before taking the padd. "No foreplay. Ok then," he remarked as he looked down. Scrolling for a moment he frowned before handing it back. "Yep I know it. Unfufilled contract. Apparently ambushed on the way but there was no hull damage. I think the crew just couldn't be bothered. Crate of cargo missing on their return and they claimed it was never loaded. Make of that what you will."

Nodding and jotting it down on the padd Nine thought. "Alright. Pass the contract to me ship and get the cargo loaded. Client might give a bit extra for it getting through."

With a nod in reply Max took out his own padd and pushed some buttons, Bex and Nine unable to see. "Done. Usual cut?"

"Usual cut," Nine replied not getting to say much else before Max nodded and took off. Once he knew they were clear of earshot he turned around so his back was to the stand, turning Bex with him. "Well. What do you think?"

"He's dishonest," Bex replied. "In his body language, in the way he interacts, he's guarded and he's dishonest." She shrugged slightly. "Someone who isn't being honest is never a good mark."

"Oh he was definitely not telling us something. But at this point he faces life in prison if he screws me so I'm fairly sure we weren't completely lied too," Nine said looking around them. "Just in case. That was a bribe."

"I think we should be careful," Bex said quietly. "But you're the boss, I'm just here to brighten up the decor." She grinned at him suddenly and shrugged one shoulder. "So they gonna load your new cargo for you now?"

"Yep. They'll beam it into the cargohold and then we secure it once it's there so I think if your ok, I'll head back and secure everything before going for a drink. We can set off in say two hours time?" he suggested to her.

"Sure, two hours works for me. I might take a stroll along the promenade, unless you want me to help with the cargo?" Bex asked.

"Nah go enjoy yourself and relax for a change," he answered with a shake of the head. "I shouldn't be long anyway."

Bex paused for a moment before nodding slightly. "Well, if you change your mind I might head to the promenade and find some coffee. Try not to get into too much trouble?"

Without waiting for an answer Bex turned and started walking away, keeping her head down as she walked. As much as she would have preferred to stay closer to Nine, the thought of coffee was tempting.


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