Starbase 243

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Meeting the Tour Guide

Posted on Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 7:08pm by Lieutenant Tequila Dreik & Patrick Smith

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine

With her dinner plans now thoroughly interrupted, Tiki had been about to head back to security when the incident report had come through about a potential disturbance in one of the hangars. With the help of a site to site transport, her arrival took a matter of moments, then she found herself approaching a familiar figure. "Providence that you should appear right when I was about to start looking for you," she said easily as she cast a slow gaze over Nine. "Certainly saves me time."

Having finished locking down the ship after he and Bex had met his contact, who was a little worse for wear now, Nine had started on his own way to to the promenade when he saw the Chief of Security coming his way. Incognito again he almost missed her and made moves to try and avoid her. Unfortunately she managed to work her way to him and as she spoke he let out a small sigh. "Oh? You needing transport somewhere?" he asked pretending he didn't know who she was.

"In a manner of speaking," Tiki said with a smile. "How about a drink in Legacies and we can discuss details?"

Eyeing her for a moment Nine nodded, "Sure. Business and a drink work for me. Have you a preferred drink?" he asked as he moved off towards the turbolift Tiki had just come from.

"I'm normally a Tequila girl, but tonight I think a nice scotch will do just fine," she responded with ease as she stepped into the turbolift with him and gave the destination.

"Oh the hard stuff. At this time of the evening? Someone must be having a rough night," he commented as the turbo lift wurred towards the promenade. "I think I'll stick to my cokes. No drinking and Piloting right?"

As they reached Legacies, Tiki ordered a drink from the bar and headed directly for the booth he had been in last time she had seen him, sliding into it, still watching him carefully as she waited for him to join her.

Ordering his own drink Nine held back for a moment to make sure if Bex appeared at some point the staff knew to add to his tab and she hadn't nicked one of his padds. Heading over to his booth he casually sat down opposite and took a drink. "Ahh. Never gets old that bite. Not bad for non alcoholic." He looked straight to her. "So then. Who do I have the pleasure of half drinking with?"

"Call me Tiki." She picked up her glass and swirled the dark liquid before taking a sip. "I'll get straight to the point. I have reason to believe the pirate attacks are operating in conjunction with an underground smuggling network surface side. I have reason to believe that you're well aware of the network, and I want you to help me get inside." She took another sip as she leaned back against the seat and watched him.

Nine watched her before replying, carefully considering his response. "Well. If your theory was correct, which, I don't believe it is. I would have little interest in helping you get inside such a network." He took another drink. "Not to mention. Why on earth would you care? Don't see many pirates in here," he said with a motion to the room.

Tiki raised one eyebrow slightly as she watched him. "I have no doubt that my theory is correct," she replied quietly, leaning forward slightly. "And I'm sure that you'll want to help, you just don't realise it yet." Her nose wrinkled slightly as she smiled before leaning back and taking a sip of her drink. "Oh, I almost forgot, I have something of yours. You left it behind after your last visit," she slid her hand into her pocket, pulling out the chip and slid it across the table toward him.

Smiling Nine reached forward and picked up the chip twirling it between his fingers as he moved his arm back before pocketing it. "It's a good job that was a regular client. Starship fuel is expensive."

"I can make it very difficult for you to continue conducting your business on this station," Tiki replied quietly. "Your friend has already been tagged. Every time he sets foot on this station security will be monitoring him. Same with you, and your new crew mate. Of course, if I had other things occupying my time, I'm sure your petty games would be significantly less interesting."

"Well Miss Chief of Security. Very thorough. You can save the energy on him though. He works for Phyllis colony. Unless your particularly worried about Algae farmers and their need for metal plating for storm proofing, that ones a dead duck," he said laying one of his proverbial cards on the table. "So. What does Starfleet think it knows about the recent attacks?"

"Not enough to make me happy, and not enough to make any sense of it. The Hammish got attacked by a b'rel class bird of prey on a scheduled patrol the other day. They attacked out of nowhere and fled just as quickly. I have a feeling though that you can start filling in some gaps for me." Tiki turned her glass in her hands before she took a sip, her steady gaze never leaving him.

He sat thinking for a few moments, moving the pieces in his head. "More bit than they were expecting. The colonies have been getting their supply ships raided recently which has left them struggling. My scans of the debris seemed to indicate that critical damage was done quickly and then the ships were deliberately damaged beyond salvageability," he told her as he shifted himself into a more comfortable position. Continuing he said, "It's almost as if they don't care about the cargo and are just out to cause damage."

"Which to me almost feels like a sleight of hand," Tiki responded quietly. "If the attacks we see are nonsensical then what aren't we seeing?" She paused, taking another sip.

Nine lifted his glass and drunk as well, this time nursing it and staring off into the club thinking, tracing back over what he had learned over the last while operating in the area. The only anomaly was Luindaz outpost which had refused to let him land on all occasions and had seemingly no interest in trading despite a moderate enough traffic. That in itself however was not unheard of so he mentally shelved it for now. "I think it's time to go fishing."

The corners of Tiki's mouth quirked upward in the slightest hint of a smile. "We'll need some bait."

"I have bait already. Although I'm not sure where this 'we' idea is coming from," he replied turning back to her.

"I told you, I want in and you're going to help me," Tiki responded simply. "This isn't a negotiation."

"If you want on my privately owned ship, then it absolutely is," he responded. "You'll find my rates for sight seeing trips to be very reasonable."

"I'm sure we can come up with a suitable compromise, so long as the itinerary is worth my while," Tiki replied with an easy smile.

"I'm sure it will be. Ship leaves in an hour. I'm sure you know the way," he said flatly draining his glass before setting it back on the table. Standing he straightened his jacket and looked round to her, "Make sure you make arrangements for a few days."

"Already made." Tiki finished her drink and slid out of the booth, smoothing her hands down over her hips. "I'll be ready in twenty minutes, I'll see you then."

Without waiting for a reply, Tiki turned and walked out of the lounge, tapping her commbadge once she was clear of the area. "Drew, I'm in. I leave in twenty."


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