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Out of Harm's Way

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 12:43am by Lieutenant Andrew "Drew" Hunter & Captain James Warrington & Lieutenant Tequila Dreik & Lieutenant Bradley Owens & 1st Lieutenant Krios Akati & Ensign Aria Natinde & Lieutenant Siobahn Fallon

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: TBD

Drew was in serious need of a shower and some sleep. It had been 48+ hours or more since he'd had either, but the interesting encounter on their patrol needed to be addressed. He entered the conference room and made a beeline to the replicator, ordering up a double shot espresso and tossing it back before obtaining a regular cup of coffee for during the briefing.

Heading into the conference room, Tiki made a beeline for the replicator, ordering a raktajino, extra strong, extra sweet and carried it to the table, sinking down into a seat and pushing it back far enough so she could rest her feet on the edge of the table to push the chair back into a semi reclining position. As soon as she'd gotten back to the station she had headed straight back to security to run a status check and was already back into her standard fare of jeans and tshirt. Holding the large mug under her face for a moment, she inhaled deeply before taking a sip and sighing with contentment. "Gotta give the Klingons credit where it's due," she murmured before taking another sip. "They make a damn good coffee."

Krios entered the room with his customary stack of PaDDs under one arm, a travel mug full of Bajoran Spiced Tea in the other hand. He looks a little rough that morning, sporting clearly visible stuble around his face where he forgot to shave this morning. He took a seat at the briefing table, setting the PaDDs and mug down. Looking up, clearly showing some light exhaustion around his eyes, "Morning guys."

"What's up buttercup?" Tiki asked, casting a grin at Krios as he entered and addressed them. "You look like shit, you know that?"

Chuckling, "You would be to if you only got 3 hours of sleep." Krios let out a deep long sigh, "I was up all night finishing my evals of the marines and let's just say they leave much to be desired."

Brad Owens strolled into the conference room already holding a hot mug of hazelnut coffee. It was his first official day on duty at the station and in his new position. He nodded to the other three already getting situated. "Good morning, everyone," he said as he untucked the PADD from under his arm and slid it onto the table. It contained a preliminary list of all air wing personnel, their organizational breakdown and a complete fighter inventory and status. His eyes probably stayed on the black-haired woman a second or two longer than normal but who could blame him? He tried to recall the senior staff and narrowed her down to security.

"I guess I missed casual day," he asked with a broad smirk on his face.

Drew stepped over to Brad, his right hand stretching out towards the pilot. "Welcome to Starbase 243, lieutenant. I'm Andrew Hunter, Chief Strategic Operations Officer." He gestured to Tiki and Krios in turn. "My fellow officers are Lieutenant Tequila Dreik and First Lieutenant Krios Akati. Security and Marine Corps respectively."

Krios raised his nug and nodded, "Welcome aboard."

"Good to meet you," Owens said as he grasped the man's hand firmly and shook it a twice. "I'm sure that I'll be meeting with you regularly to go over an essential space lane emergency plans."

Tiki raised an eyebrow slightly as she sipped her own drink. Finally with a nod she offered a vague greeting before turning her attention back to Krios. "I thought y'all were meant to be a marine," she said with a grin. "3 hours sleep and you're falling apart? Bit soft there buttercup?" she teased.

Aria arrived outside the briefing room and could here the muffled chatter on those already inside. As the doors opened, she could feel all eyes turn to her, to size up the new ensign.

"Ensign Aria Natinde," she said introducing herself. "Newly arrived to continue my command course training," she continued with a smile. "Pleasure to meet you all," she added with a slight wave of her hand as she found a seat.

Drew nodded to Aria, a weary smile on his face. "Welcome to Starbase 243 Ensign Natinde. Lieutenant Hunter, Strategic Operations Officer. Pleasure to meet you."

Siobahn slipped quietly through the doors, holding a PaDD against her chest as she glanced around. "Sorry I'm late," she offered to no one in particular. "Lieutenant Siobahn Fallon, representing the Medical department. Did I miss anything?"

Owens shook his head and smiled as Siobahn made her entrance barely on time. They had just met in the mess hall and she made the daring move to swing by sickbay before the meeting.

James followed in next, "Hello folks. Just engineering left to join us I see. I suppose it's a long way up from the depths after all," he said as he took his own seat. After allowing a short moment for general chit chat the meeting time arrived and with Roman absent James decided to begin. "Alright. Lieutenant Hunter. You have the floor. How did the patrol go?"

Drew acknowledged James by standing, with a nod to the captain, and started talking. "I have a theory. Before I elaborate though, I would like to go over the combat engagement near the DMZ." He turned to Krios. "You were Officer of the Deck when the attack began. Please tell the senior staff what happened before Lieutenant Dreik and I got to the bridge."

Krios nodded, "It started out as a normal night just like any other. We were monitoring a few ships in the area when we noticed one outside the normal shipping lanes. I ordered our course to be altered so we could figure out what was going on when they opened fire."

"No consideration at all if you ask me," Tiki interjected sourly. "Bastards didn't even give me time to get dressed! Then they ran away without even letting us have fun."

Drew was momentarily distracted by Tiki's comment. He covered it by giving a throat-clearing cough before continuing. "The ship was a B'rel-class Bird of Prey. Generally used in the role of a heavy scout with a standard compliment of twelve. The Klingon Defense Force doesn't use them any more and they're only used in limited numbers by the Klingon Houses. I am almost positive the vessel we encountered was not Klingon."

"I would be inclined to agree," James responded listening and thinking. "One of the biggest problems with the B'rel is the quantity produced. For you history and engineering buffs it is the T34 tank of the Klingon Empire. Mass produced, cheap and effective." He crossed his arms as he sat face scrunching and frowning a little. "When they were retired a lot were sold off and traded away by the houses. As a result they're nearly impossible to trace the registry back so, do we have any Intel on who in the area might own some?" he asked the room.

"The most likely people to possess such cheap ships would be local pirate gangs," Lieutenant Owens mused before sipping his coffee. "Especially if it was only a single ship, that would denote a small band. I doubt a larger threat would use such a weak method of attack."

Drew turned to Bradley. "I wouldn't underestimate the B'rel-class Lieutenant Owens. Had that been a Klingon ship with a Klingon crew... we would likely not be having this conversation right now."

"That's exactly my point, Mister Hunter," Owens replied. "If they had been Klingons, this meeting would be a lot different. Since you're here to tell the tale, I might ask if there have been any similar attacks lately fitting the same pattern? Was it a theft attempt or just an attack? Those answers will help establish a motive and potential targets in the future."

Krios chimed in, "If we're going after these guys we'll need an effective force to take the fight to them." He stopped to let out a sigh. Standing, he slid a PaDD over to James. "Unfortunately that's something we are lacking. The marines we currently have stationed here are lacking in both training and morale." He stopped and eyed everyone at the table, "Something I intend to rectify." Motioning to the PaDD, "Sir, there you will find a more detailed report of my assessment of the marines. Currently, most are barley qualified as riflemen. The three listed as well have been in the brig on four separate occasions in the last month."

Drew looked at Krios and an idea came to mind. He glanced at Tiki before turning his gaze to James. "Sir, I think I have an idea how we can find out who attacked the Hammish."

Warrington ook the PADD and responded to his MCO first, "I'm aware our Marines are more than a little rusty. The punishment of peacetime I guess, although our Starfighters don't fare much better," he added. "Working out who attacked us will need to be a top priority. Share your thoughts and we can go from there."

Drew gestured to Tiki. "We send Lieutenant Dreik undercover." He looked at her. "You think you can pull off being someone in the underworld community and obtain the information we need to find out who attacked us?"

Tiki shrugged nonchalantly in response. "Sure. It won't be too hard to get in. The biggest uncertainty I'd have is how long it'll take, but I can do it."

"One of your reports mentioned some sort of transport pilot you spotted in Legacies. A possible way in," James suggested.

Tiki raised an eyebrow slightly. "I'll see if I can track him down..." A small smile danced at the corners of her mouth as she thought about the chip locked in the secure box in her office. "I have something that belongs to him to return anyway," she said with a sudden grin.

Drew faced Krios and Bradley. "I think it may be best for us to fine tune some more conventional ways to deal with the pirates and smugglers in the region. Get some training in too." He glanced at Aria. "Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. You might find it useful for your command training."

"I completely agree, captain," Owens said with a nod. "After this meeting, I'm headed straight down to the starfighter wing and getting things put in order. From the latest update from the acting CAG, there are five birds down for maintenance issues. I'll coordinate with Lieutenant tr'Khev about getting the situation resolved." He took a sip of his coffee and continued, "I'll also start to implement a training schedule in addition to the regular patrols, which I'd recommend be increased due to the new threat."

Aria nodded, taking in everything everyone was saying, whilst also trying to hide her face from saying "let me at them". "Sounds good to me," she finally replied when she realised Drew was addressing her. "I'm looking forward to getting stuck in."

Tiki glanced around the table. "Is there anything else or are we done? I apparently have some planning to do."

"It sounds like you all have plenty to get started with. Ensign Natinde make sure and meet with Hunter once he gets some proper sleep," James instructed looking to Hunter and giving him the thats not a suggestion look. "Hunter it's your show. Anything else?"

Drew shook his head. "Not at this time sir." He glanced at Krios who looked almost as tired as himself. He turned back to James. "I would like to authorize the day off for the crew of the Hammish. Few of us got much sleep during the patrol."

Nodding James stood as he spoke. "Agreed. Meeting adjourned."


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