Starbase 243

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I said, Yeoman, 'cause you're in a new town

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 @ 9:48pm by Ensign Aria Natinde & Captain James Warrington

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine
Location: SB243 Command Center

If there was one part of the job he hated it was looking after cadets. James had had a few over the years, all engineers or operations except for one command cadet, who incidentally for dropped because of an ego issue. Now he had a new one coming his way for 243. Personally he didn't understand the approach for barreling towards command, but he supposed for some it made sense to go straight towards the center chair of some of the smaller ships in the fleet and go from there. James stood int he centre of the Starbase's Ops and continued to pour over the large amount of data flowing through the central console as he waited for Ensign Natinde to join him.

Aria was nervous, which was unusual for her. She'd been on the 'base now for a day, getting used to her new surroundings, but being in a new place never phased her. Maybe because it's the next step on her life plan to become an XO that made her feel this way. Whatever it was, she quickly shook herself off and she got ready to go and meet the Captain to formally begin her training here on Starbase 243.

Approaching the command centre, she could see Captain Warrington waiting already. She quickly checked the time to make sure she wasn't late. She was actually two minutes early, perfectly on time she thought to herself.

As she approached the captain, she gave a gentle cough to alert the captain to her presence.

"Captain Warrington, Ensign Aria Natinde reporting for duty, sir," she said thrusting her hand out to shake his - you only get one chance to make a first impression afterall.

James took the offered hand and gave a firm handshake, "Welcome aboard Ensign. Glad to see you found your way through the maze," he half joked. "Got settled in yet?"

"I'm getting there, sir," she replied with a smile. "There's a lot to take in, and that's just me finding my way about the place," she added with a small laugh.

"I'm hearing that alot," James replied with a smile. "Well. I won't keep you here too much. I'm sure you know you'll be doing a lot of the Admin and minor bits and bobs to help me out. But I also want to rotate you through the departments to help you understand each of them better."

"Sounds good to me sir, whatever you need me to do, I'm here for it. I'm looking forward to getting a nosey round the departments too. I haven't got to do much of that yet, and it'll be good to get stuck in and learn how they fully operate." She stopped herself here, realising she had started to ramble a bit. "Sorry sir, I ramble when I'm nervous and can forget to shut up times."

"Not a problem. If you weren't nervous I'd be worried and probably getting Starfleet Intelligence to do a dive into your life history," James half joked back to her. "Well. We have a briefing later today. You'll be at all of those to make notes anyway and make sure messages are sent out after, but I want your input as well. Ask questions. Learn."

"Yes sir," Aria replied with a nod of head. "I should have the details on my PaDD of where I need to be and when and I'll make sure that I have the relevant contacts for who I need to message afterwards. Is there anything else you need from me now, sir?"

"Nothing right now. Get settled in and I'll see you at the briefing," James answered dismissing her.

Aria nodded her head in acknowledgement and left, pulling up the map to the base on her PaDD to work out where exactly she had to go.

Esign Aria Natinde
New Kid On The Block

Captain James Warrington
Ye Olde Farte


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