Starbase 243

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Lost and Confuzzled

Posted on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 9:47pm by Lieutenant Siobahn Fallon & Captain James Warrington

Mission: Bring on the Wrecking Machine

Siobahn stood in the middle of the junction, a clearly confused expression on her face as she looked from left to right uncertainly. She had asked directions from the last person she had encountered, a rather amused crewman who had told her to follow the corridor all the way to the end and she'd find the turbolifts.

She did exactly what she was told, she walked all the way to the end, but there was no turbolift, instead there was a junction and she now had three choices. Left, right or back where she had just come from, which may have meant encountering the same crewman again. A sigh of frustration escaped her lips as she brushed her long red hair back over her shoulder.

She was about to turn right when the sound of footsteps approaching from behind her made her turn around, where she found herself standing face to face with a figure she instantly recognised as Captain Warrington.

"Captain," she said with a nod, stepping back to the wall to let him pass.

"Lieutenant Fallon isn't it?" James asked hoping he had gotten it correct. He was trying his best to learn as many faces and names as possible from department rosters but with such a large crew he had to admit he had been struggling. "How are you getting settled in?"

"Aye Sir," Siobahn replied easily. "Settling in... uhmmm..." She glanced to the corridors again. "The station is significantly larger than I anticipated... Have you ever thought about putting up some of those 'you are here' maps that could be used?"

Chuckling James replied, "It is certainly a maze of corridors thats for sure. Let me show you a trick," he said walking slightly up the corridor to a nearby maintenance console. "These mostly just show the operational status of the various nearby systems behind the panels, but you can close the diagnostics and after telling the computer you definitely want to do that it will take you to a root menu. You can search for a layout and tell the computer to show where this console is and a route to where your going, like this," he said slowly showing.

"So, according to that, we're on deck 592?" Siobahn asked, an aghast expression on her face. "I was trying to get to deck 83." She bit her bottom lip, aware that her cheeks were now about as red as her hair. "Guess I kinda messed that one up huh?"

Chuckle changing to a chortle James smiled, "Never worry. Turbo lift is just down this way. I can get you to sickbay unless you'd like to join me for lunch? I've finally got some free time and people keep shouting about Legacies."

"Oh! One of the nurses I work with has been raving about it ever since I arrived. I've been meaning to check it out but," She shrugged and motioned around her. "Knowing my luck if I tried to find my way there I'd end up stumbling out an airlock," she said with a grin.

"Well then. Let's head that way now and I'll do my best to keep us from going for an unexpected space walk. Goodness knows even the intentional ones are uncomfortable," he added as he set off at an ok pace so as to not stride away on Siobahn. "What's the Medical centre here like? I haven't made it there yet."

"Busy," Siobahn summarized it in one word. "This is the busiest medical facility I've ever worked in." She fell into step beside him. "But, I can't complain, especially not to my commanding officer," she said with a smile.

"Well if ever there was someone to complain too who could help, I reckon I'd be the guy," James responded with a shrug. "I can only imagine with all the civilians on board and having to deal with them you folks will be pretty busy all day round as well," he queried as they approached the turbolift.

"I think civilians probably make up the bulk of our caseload, and civilians generally add a different element of care. It keeps things interesting," she said with a smile. "It will take some time to learn my way around sickbay. It's massive." She laughed. "When I was interning at the Dalacari Center for Health and Wellness I think I finally learned my way around in the last two weeks I was there."

As they stepped into the lift and the doors closed James set it on its way to the promenade. "Well at least you'll be used to that side of the job. Might be worth liaising with security to get a heads up of any big events or what not they are aware of on the promenade. Help keep on top of the tide."

"Any idea when we might be expecting a chief medical officer?" Siobahn asked curiously. "Normally interdepartmental relations would be their responsibility, but if it's going to be a while I don't mind taking on some extra responsibilities."

"Well at the moment it's a little up in the air. We had someone coming but family emergency called them back home and they've taken an extended leave of absence," James answered grimmancing a bit at that particular report. "If you wouldn't mind liasing that would help a lot."

"Of course Sir," Siobahn replied with a smile. "Happy to help out." She stepped out of the lift as it stopped and looked around the promenade area. "Is it always this busy around here?" She asked, watching the barrage of people moving about the area, none of them paying any attention to the two officers.

James looked up and down at the crowd moving around and with a slight shrugged replied, "I think so. We've a pretty large premenant populace and an we have around one hundred ships a day docking with us." He watched the movement of the crowd and plotted a rough path through, "I think we can push through here," he said starting to move.

Instinctively, Siobahn reached out and set her hand in the middle of his back, not wanting to get lost. Knowing her luck if she got caught up in a crowd she'd end up on a transport somewhere. It had only happened once, but it was still enough to make her err on the side of caution. "I'll just follow you," she said with a laugh.

As they moved through the busy promenande most people had to be navigated around, although the few fleet personell who were paying attention attempted, and mostly failed, to step to one side to let James Siobahn past. Finally they emerged at the door of legacies. "Ah. At last. Well let's get in and eat shall we?"

"Now that most definitely sounds like a plan!" Siobahn said with a grin. "I don't know about you, but I'm starving!"


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