Starbase 243

Specifications - Starbase 243


Starbase 243 sits at the front lines of the Cardassian Federation Neutral Zone. She is currently undergoing refits and modernisation to equip her for potential war.


Class Ethereal
Role Starbase
Duration 200 Years
Time Between Refits 20 Years
Time Between Resupply 2 Years


Length 7820
Width 7820
Height 3060
Decks 1225


Officers 6125
Enlisted Crew 36750
Marines 360
Civilians 50000
Emergency Capacity 250000


Cruise Speed N/A
Maximum Speed N/A
Emergency Speed N/A

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Auto modulating Shield System
High Capacity Shielding System
Regenerative Shielding System
Structural integrity Field
Weapon Systems 300x Type 12 Phaser Arrays

100 Type U Pulse Batteries

30 Burst Firing Torpedo Launchers
Armament 6500 Photon Torpedos
2500 Quantum Torpedos
250 Tricobalt Torpedos

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 100
Shuttles Shuttles
Type 10 Shuttlecraft:40
Type 11 Shuttlecraft:40
Type 15 Shuttlepod:25
Type 6 Shuttlecraft:50
Type 7 Shuttlecraft:50
Type 8 Shuttlecraft:50
Type 9 Shuttlecraft:25

Fighters Fighters
Razor Interceptor:30
Scorpion Mk II Multi-Role Assault Fighter:30
Viper Advanced Tactical Fighter:36
Runabouts Integrated Crafts
Aerowing Science Craft:3
Mark 1 Captain's Yacht:3
Mark 2 Captain's Yacht:3
Waverider Science Craft:4

Science Crafts
Hunley Submersible:8

Scout Ships
Talon Scout:10

Support Vessels
Grommet Maintenance Vessel:3
Richardson Courier:3
Wallace Escort:3

Argo Cargo Transport:18
Danube Runabout:40
Delta Flyer Runabout:10
Dragoon Personnel Transport:25
Serenity Modular Transport:8