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Lieutenant Andrew "Drew" Hunter

Name Andrew "Drew" Hunter

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 183cm/slightly over 6’
Weight 88kg/194lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Drew has a muscular build that he maintains with regular exercises on a daily basis.


Spouse Amanda Hunter (nee Grant), deceased
Children Violet Hunter, age 14
Nicolas Hunter, age 12
Father David Hunter
Mother Samantha Hunter
Sister(s) Jennifer Hunter

Personality & Traits

General Overview Drew is a person who takes his responsibilities very seriously, both as a parent and as a Starfleet officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Krav Maga (equivalent to a third degree black belt)
Ambitions Drew's foremost ambition is to be a good father to his children. He also aspires to a starship command of his own after his children graduate high school.

Hobbies & Interests Backpacking and camping
Horseback riding
Mixed martial arts
Strategy games (chess, go, tongo, etc.)
Swimming/SCUBA diving

Personal History Drew wasbborn on the 29th of June, 2360 and had a very typical life for one who grew up on a horse ranch in rural Wyoming. He learned to hunt and fish at a very young age. He also became quite proficient in survival skills due to many working overnight camping trips to round up stray horses with his father. He often thought about traveling amongst the stars as he lay in his sleeping bag on the overnight round ups.

Drew knew at a young age that he was destined for a life in Starfleet. It didn't matter to him for a long time what he did, but then the Dominion War broke out while he was in high school. He decided if he was to join Starfleet, he would do so as a protector of the United Federation of Planets.

Drew didn't want to have to wait four years while attending Starfleet Academy, so he opted to go to the Enlisted Basic and Advanced Training program. Six months later he was serving aboard the USS Johnathan Archer as Master-at-Arms rating. He rose to the rate of Master-at-Arms Second Class in just under three years when he received the recommendation of both his Department Head and Captain to join the elite Starfleet Special Warfare Command.

Drew spent the next year learning that 'the only easy day was yesterday' as he trained to earn the rating and title of Special Warfare Operator. He learned the truth of Nietzsche's Maxim 'That which does not kill you, makes you stronger'. He strived and endured to make it into the Teams.

Drew, upon graduating the year-long training, found himself assigned to an active counter terrorist team. He took part in over a dozen hostage rescue and weapons search/destroy missions, eventually earning Chief and a slot as the Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge for his special warfare platoon. He was offered an opportunity to attend Officer Candidate School or take a slot at Starfleet Academy. He chose the latter as to further his academic learning.

Drew started at the Academy as a sophomore, his freshman year being waived due to his years of enlisted service and considerable experience. He made good friends, especially with Cadet Tequila 'Tiki' Dreik.

Drew met Amanda Grant at the beginning of the summer between his first and second year when she was working on a news article about cadet training at the Academy. The two started dating and Amanda's children took an instant liking to Drew when they met him just prior to the start of the Fall semester. He married Amanda at the midterm winter break and adopted Violet and Nicholas by the end of his junior year.

Drew's final year at the Academy was challenging. It was a balancing act to fulfill his duties as a a Starfleet Cadet with his responsibilities as a new husband and father. He pulled on his experience and drive to excel that while 'the only easy day was yesterday' 'no day is more rewarding then the next'.

Drew's next four years were spent aboard the USS Yamato (Sovereign class), starting out as a junior officer and progressing to the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer just before the death of his wife.
Service Record January 2378 - June 2378: Enlisted Basic and Advanced Training Schools, Recruit Trainee

July 2378 - June 2381: USS Johnathan Archer, Master-at-Arms Enlisted Rating - Force Protection Division

July 2381 - June 2382: Starfleet Special Warfare School, Special Warfare Candidate

July 2382 - June 2385: Starfleet Special Warfare Command, Special Warfare Operator

July 2385 - June 2388: Starfleet Academy, Cadet (first year waived due to prior enlisted service)

July 2388 - June 2390: USS Yamato, Division Officer - Force Protection Division

July 2390 - June 2492: USS Yamato, Deputy Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Promotion to department head after the death of his predecessor on an away mission.

July 2392 - June 2394: Starfleet Command - Cardassian Threat Assessment Division, Division Officer/Senior Analyst

July 2394 - Present: Starbase 243, Chief Strategic Operations Officer