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Lieutenant Roman tr'Khev

Name Roman tr'Khev

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9” (175cm)
Weight 195lbs (88kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Pretty average Romulan, though a few scars, and fit. Unlike most Romulans his hair is always untidy.

He has a memorial tattoo on his forehead in his parents' honour.


Father (since a Tal Shiar agent his real name was stricken from all records)
Mother (since a Tal Shiar agent her real name was stricken from all records)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A very independent man, considering he had to look after himself after age 10 for many years. He had support and that he didn't take it for granted, his memories of his parents are is most cherished thing he has. He doesn't really make effort into attachments with people or things as he has had to move about. Work, tinkering, fixing and building has been a constant in his life, it is why he has sort a Starfleet career in it. He has sort the stability of a starbase for it doesn't move unlike most of what he did when he was growing up.

Rihannsu and basic of the following: Reman, Klingon, Andorian, Vulcan, Orion, Nausicaan, Rigellian and Human english
Strengths & Weaknesses He will help those less fortunate than him as he had lived that life, sometimes giving too much leaving himself vulnerable.

He was taught by his parents to be unseen, the art of being unnoticed when the situation calls for it, amongst everything else they knew. Sometimes it can war with his heart when it comes to others suffering or helpless.

Since 13 he has been a self taught technician, though has received training in various forms till turning 26. It was a survival thing.
Ambitions Avenge his parents death, as it every so often replays in his nightmares, at the hand of a Tal Shiar agent. His face was burned into Roman's mind.

The last time he spoke with his parents they made him promise that he would live a full life filled with adventure and peace. So he is working on fulfilling that promise.
Hobbies & Interests Before turning 22 there wasn't time for pastimes and desires as survival was his main drive but after 22, however, he developed a liking to board games, chess mostly but he played many during his Academy days.

He enjoys swimming after 22 as it was pretty much a non-existent concept when he was growing up without his parents. He'd learned swimming, with a survival twist to it, in a small pool during his childhood but that was more parentally controlled than fun.

He likes puzzles and games that test technical thinking.

Personal History Roman tr'Khev had the semi misfortune of being born to two Tal Shiar operatives in 2352, the exact date had been wiped to keep him safe. They'd fallen in love both off and on the job. His birth and subsequent 10 years of infancy to childhood was on Romulus but hidden from those who would use him against them. The usual behave yourselves or we'll kill or torture your son in front of you scenario.

He wasn't the only one as many other high and low profile individuals, though his parents were only low level operatives, had children were often stashed away so as not to give their rivals any power over them using their children. The children were isolated before turning 5, after they were brought together to play and when off duty the various parents visited their children, Roman's amongst them sometimes.

There were 5 other children including Roman, so one of the parents who didn't have a job became their attendant, his name was also stricken from all records (but they called him Shadow) and he received discreet support from those who had to work. Shadow had experience as a language and social tutor so was well equipped to deal with the children and their education, with some help on other subjects.

It was a merry time up to 2359 when Roman turned 7, his parents (with some help from Shadow) started a hard pressed curriculum teaching him how to take care of himself and most of their espionage, sabotage, stealth, counterintelligence knowledge and some Tal Shiar secrets to him to keep him safe. Though young he grudgingly learned what they taught, with many tests that sometimes included pain when he failed. He was motivated to do better when that happened.

The technical tutoring was more his style as like taking things apart then back together, sometimes as something different. Some of his toys looked like devices and weapons the operatives use in the field but altered to have the internal mech exposed, allowing him to play with bits and bobs so he learned to recognise parts and where they can go. There were multiple configurations that served different purposes as well. He thought it was a game of 'pull apart and put back together again' but really they were teaching him to build, repair and jury rig stuff together to aid in his survival.

At one point after a failure and pain was dealt out, his parents both held their son tightly. Mother pulled him off her and wiped his tears away. She told him. "Son, you must be brave for us, one day we will not be here for you and the Tal Shiar will not stop looking if they find out about you and your friends." Though the 5 children did get on they didn't really have friendships, they weren't even allowed to know each other's names for all their safety so it was hard to form friendships in such a situation. "I know what we are teaching you is hard but you must learn it all as it will save your life one day." His father spoke next. "Son we love you with all our hearts and you must promise us that should we fall you will find vengeance," his mother hit her husband then and the three shared a laugh but he continued. "Well if you do get a chance," he had caught the responding attempt to hit him. "He will, my love, you know that he will. Loss and pain will demand it of him." Roman's eyes were wide at the point with semi understanding but quickly hid it when they looked back at him. "Apart from that your mother and I want you to promise that you will look after yourself and the one you love more than anything else in life. You also promise us that you will live to the fullest that you can okay?" Roman had begun crying again but nodded before pushing through to say. "I will." They nodded and hugged again. That memory sometimes plagued him as a nightmare but by then nightmares were a weakness and they all had been taught to keep it as a reminder of what could happen and plan a contingency.

Many of the children were in a similar situation as they learned lessons in survival, occasionally together. Their parents knew one day that the Tal Shiar would eventually find out they had children and look for them.

He turned 10 in 2362, somehow the Tal Shiar had found the hideout and as the visiting parents counterattacked, Shadow and another helped get the now older children to the escape shuttles, his parents were amongst the fighting and he saw them both get killed by the same Tal Shiar agent. The two shared a moment's eye contact, which seemed to last a long time until Shadow dragged him into the shuttles moments before launch. That memory of the Tal Shiar agent killing both his parents and that of the agent's face was burned forever behind Roman's eyes. It pained him every time it replayed, sometimes details intensified as he tried to block it during the escape journey.

He cried the whole way to the new safehouse like many of the children did. Their new home on Nimbus 3 in the city of Paradise. Where the Orion syndicate ruled and the children were hidden as Shadow looked after them for additional 6 years give or take before allowing them to discreetly join the city's population. Each of the children had nightmares during those 6 years and while Shadow could offer some comfort, it wasn't enough, though he had to give them credit for their education kept them from completely losing control over their emotions. Being in a multicultural city Shadow also taught the children enough Klingon, Andorian, Vulcan, Orion and Human english as there were mostly those species living and working on Nimbus 3 congregating in Paradise City. Occasional Tellarite, Reman, Rigellian, Nausicaan and Lethian traders passing through regularly. So Shadow taught the children their languages basics as well, very basic.

Paradise City had been a joint venture between the three powers but failed to achieve the intended goals as all three powers focused elsewhere more and more over the years. So it was a run down barely held together cluster of buildings in the middle of nowhere. Many life threatening creatures lived in the desert surrounding the city.

Roman had put his technical knowledge, which had been given extra attention by Shadow as best he could. Like most of the children had different focuses that they wanted to know better and Shadow had scoured the city library and whatever galactic networks he could hack to get information to tutor so they all could get jobs. Roman became the local bar owner's technician and just fixed things enough that he would continue to get work there. He even landed an apprenticeship with the city's tech guild who mentored him while on the job.

At one point it seemed that the Syndicate was controlling all aspects of his life with manipulating everyone, if he was going to survive he’d have to play along. After turning 19, he met an older man by the name of Andronikos Jaesan, he would soon find his life was going to get better.

The two immediately connected and while it was still not safe because of the Tal Shiar, Roman found he couldn't stay away and spent more and more time with Andronikos. A key sign that he knew whenever he looked back on his life that it got better was how Andronikos helped him come to terms with his past, even push him to hope for the future. The older man, a human, was a Syndicate handler though he did other jobs. In 2374 Roman turned 22 and discovered that Andronikos was a Starfleet spy charged with espionage of the Syndicate on Nimbus 3 when he caught the older man making a verbal report to his superior.

Though their relationship was strong, the fact that Andronikos didn't trust Roman enough to tell him hurt. After a small struggle between them, his past with Intelligence running through his mind and knowing he was being used by the Syndicate gave them a common ground. They worked it out but still had to work on trust, though they agreed that should either of them be captured neither one should have all the information. So they used both Tal Shiar and Starfleet Intelligence knowledge in altering memories to 'forget' things, though still there, it was difficult to recall unless a key phrase or visual sequence was used. While they did that they also brainstormed most of the year away on ways to ruin the Syndicate's operations on Nimbus 3.

A virus seemed the best option, something that they could deploy but activate when far away and so the duo had infiltrated the local nightclub which the Syndicate used as headquarters for their operations on and around Nimbus. They succeeded in deploying the virus but as they were on their way out Roman got caught and snatched out of Andronikos' hands as he transported away.

The 22 year old Romulan suffered much torture for the remainder of the year on and off while being released to work for the Syndicate again. They never discovered the virus or got out of him the reason he and Andronikos were there until 4 years later after much pain, anguish and dread Roman triggered it upon secretly being stowed aboard a Rigellian transport, that visited Nimbus obviously, that he was happy to learn was bound for Earth after a few other stops.

He was discovered attempting to steal food in the crew's sleep hours and brought before the transport's captain. Roman pleaded for them to take him to Earth, after much discussion and questioning the captain agreed provided he earned it by working for the journey to Earth. Later that year 2378 he was dropped off at Earth and he, almost as if it was planned, ran into Andronikos at the spaceport accommodation block. The older man who immediately pleaded forgiveness for not extracting him but told Roman he managed to manipulate the situation enough to reduce the severity of the torture and eventually played a part in helping him get out.

The following discussion revealed that indeed Andronikos was responsible for changes to the torture schedule such as bribes, equipment failures, intended areas of torture, him being called out on work, medical treatment when there shouldn't have been, and other such mercies. Roman was grateful and the two carried on. Now 26 and bored as with no job or purpose on Earth except to distract Andronikos from his work he asked if he would explore Earth.

Though technically not a Federation citizen and a member of a hostile empire Roman would be arrested if exposed too long. He was lucky to get through at the spaceport thanks to the nice Rigellian transport captain who took pity on the young Romulan, but now he was not in any position to live a life on Earth or on any Federation world.

He had explored some of Earth when Andronikos was on missions, the older man having plenty of supplies in their shared apartment but Roman had no official life on Earth so no way to purchase items he saw on his expeditions around the nearby cities. He had borrowed the spare transit card Andronikos had given him. A lot of people had eyed him warily upon noticing his Romulan heritage. The occasional Starfleet Security encounters were only because people didn't know he was a refugee and he did plead that they not document the reports or their meetings as he didn't want to worry Andronikos, they did as he requested. This series of expeditions as he called them went on for 2 years until he was desperate to fit in and contribute which led to when he learned of Andronikos' return he'd ask.

He pleaded for Andronikos, upon his return from work, to help him get work or even better entry into Starfleet Academy. Many arguments followed this request for weeks but after Roman managed to infiltrate Starfleet Intelligence headquarters all the way up to sneaking into Andronikos' office, only manipulating the building's computer systems, he was found by Andronikos' handler. A Captain Malavi Quinn. He eyed the young Romulan once they were in an interrogation room. It was a very interesting conversation between the two, especially when Roman mentioned Andronikos and their viral hindrance to the Syndicate on Nimbus 3 years back.

Andronikos had rushed in thinking Roman was alone, only pausing a step inside when he noticed Quinn.
"So this is the young man you have been so carefully and discreetly guardian angeling Agent Jaesan." Quinn had said with a smirk when Andronikos had immediately blushed about.
Roman only grinned at the situation. "Roman tr'Khev sir, I wish to prove I can be a Federation citizen and serve in Starfleet."
Let's just say Andronikos made a growl of disapproval. "He is still in danger of discovery by the Tal Shiar and I will not let them find him."

Quinn smiled. "Well breaking and entering is probably not the best way to go about it but you did manage to get to Jaesan's office until I found you without alerting anyone. So you do have potential with technology and Intelligence."
"My parents," that did pain him somewhat as he had managed to not think about them with all the new experiences he had gained from the transport and living on Earth. "Were Tal Shiar, so taught me everything and Shadow of course," his eyes went wide. "Shadow oh, by the elements I have to-"
"I already informed him about your escape and he blessed me with guardianship of you," Andronikos told Roman suddenly.
The following eye contact and lovey dovey stuff made Quinn uncomfortable so interrupted it after 4 minutes and told the young Romulan. "Very well, I will sponsor your Starfleet Academy application on the condition that you may be called upon for Intelligence work with no questions. Don't let me down son."
"I won't. Thank you sir." Roman had replied though he heard an uncertain grunt but Andronikos did agree when Quinn asked.
Service Record Roman officially joined Starfleet Academy at the beginning of the next year, aged 28 (his birthday not yet happened), and graduated at 32, in 2384. He focused on Operations and Engineering subjects, specialising in damage control and maintenance protocols and procedures. Though he did take a leadership course parallel with the fourth year subjects. An extra year for his promise to Intelligence handler Captain Malavi Quinn in an Intelligence course. He made extra effort to be friendly and though most didn't immediately go for being a friend to a Romulan but eventually many seemed to warm up to him.

Upon graduation, and subsequent Intel course, he was assigned, as Ensign, to the USS Crazy Horse in 2385 as a junior maintenance/damage control specialist. He received on the job additional training for power distribution and generation, computer systems and transporters operational protocols. Because seriously the Academy only taught the basics and on the job training always gave more. This assignment lasted 5 years.

Promoted to Junior Grade, aged 37, in 2389, Roman applied for assistant chief engineer training, he was accepted and transferred to the USS Thunderchild as their Assistant Chief Engineer's reassignment as another starship's Chief Engineer was pending when Roman came aboard as the replacement since none of the Thunderchild's engineering personnel didn't want the job at the time.

For 2 years the Assistant Chief Engineer on the Thunderchild mentored Roman in how to be an Assistant Chief before they were scheduled to take a Chief Engineer position elsewhere. He served as the Thunderchild's Assistant Chief Engineer for a year before he requested to be transferred to a starbase to gain a different kind of experience to a starship environment.

To his surprise, Command informed Roman that Starbase 243 needed a Chief Engineer/Operations Officer and since he had already done the Assistant Chief training, they'd put his candidacy forward to the starbase's commanding officer as an option. He got accepted, again to his surprise to Starbase 243 as their new Chief Engineer/Operations Officer.

He, like it again was planned, ran into Andronikos again on Starbase 243. He was an intelligence officer, but was doing analysis and processing work nowadays. The two received separate quarters on the same deck which was grand.