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Lieutenant Krell Mekat

Name Krell Mekat DEng

Position Chief Engineering/Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1”
Weight 194LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Mekat is a well built Bajoran man. Standing tall, he is the picture of confidence and poise.

He prefers to wear the earring of his faith, but does not argue about removing it when duty dictates.


Father Vedek Krell Antos
Mother Krill Nelaya (presumed Deceased during Cardassian Occupation of Bajoran)
Sister(s) Krell Jaxa

Krell Katana

Krell Leyana

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mekat has been described as passionate. He is driven and always gives his all to anything he does

Like many Bajorans who witnessed the atrocities of the Occupation, Mekat can be outspoken and opinionated at times.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Pasionate

-Boisterous at Times
Ambitions Mekat hopes to continue his work with Starfleet and eventually work with the Starship Design Bureau.
Hobbies & Interests Mekat loves music, any type recalls memories of sitting with his father as he played him lullabies on his lute and sang.

While he herself doesn't play any instruments, he does enjoy singing.

The Bajoran also has a taste for fine alcohols. He keeps a good selection in personal store, and refuses to drink the syntheholic varieties the Federation favours.

Personal History Born towards the tail end of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor,Mekat was raised in a Bajoran Labor Camp in Lotha Province.The first thirteen years of his life were filled with strife and hardship under the whip of Cardassian rule.

He grew up in the mines of Lotha Hills where the children were put to work as attendants to the Cardassian Guards. He began working at the age of 5, as did his sisters. Mekat was sure to keep a close eye on the three girls in case he needed to protect them.

Mekat’s mother was a member of the Son's of Dolmak, a resistance cell operating out of the mines. Over the course of Mekat’s early years the resistance group led a total of 3 unsuccessful uprisings before taking to minor acts of sabotage instead.

They killed 6 Cardassian Guards by caving in a tunnel, an incident which almost claimed Mekat as well. The Bajoran boy, 9 years old at the time, was running an errand in that particular section of the mines for the guard he served, and was lucky to have been close to the mouth of the tunnel when the explosion hit. He was pulled from rubble at the entrance with a broken arm and a few bruises.

In the last days of the Occupation the Cardassians laid waste to their camps on Bajor. Lotha Hills was no exception. Mekat’s family dwelling was ransacked by one Cardassian. He was awoken as the Cardassian burst into the room he shared with his sisters. Just as the Cardassian moved towards the crying children their father, a Vedek, ran in and jumped on the back of the imposing alien.After a short scuffle, the Cardassian man was knocked out, and the children ran with their father from the dwelling.The young Mekat saw several women dragged by their hair from their shacks and raped, while much of the camp was set ablaze around them. Guided by his father they ran for the hills to find refuge near the river in a small encampment used by the resistance.

As soon as he settled the children, their father returned to the main camp to search for his wife. He could find no trace of her, and retuned to hilt he children to wait out the foray.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal, Mekat and his three sisters assisted in the rebuild effort the best they could. The oldest of the girls, Leyana, joined the budding Bajoran Militia, where she was made Major and placed in charge of the Militia's assets in Lotha Province.Mekat began to help the around his village, finding satisfaction in helping to aid thouse who needed.

Inspired by the aide his sisters service heapplied to the Bajoran Military Academy in Ashalla. He was ultimately accepted and began his training. He concluded to follow the engineering path after discovering his love and aptitude for the subject, and completed his technical training concurrently with his basic qualification. Upon his graduation he was commissioned at the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Mekat was assigned to the Bajoran Republic Ship Opaka, named for the revered former Kai, where he served as Ship's Second Engineer and was eventually promoted to First Lietenant.Mekat took some free time to complete a few other Militia courses to help round out his career.

He took his qualification in Survival, Emergency First Aid, Linguistics, Range Safety, Small Bore Weapon familiarization , and Large Bore Weapon familiarization.

When he heard of the exchange opportunity with Starfleet, he jumped at the chance to apply, seeing it as an opportunity to further his learning. He was promoted to the rank of Captain, and assigned to the Bajoran Republic Ship Yara in the meantime where he served at Ship's First Engineer. After 5 months, he found out he was accepted to the exchange program and was assignned to the Starfleet vessel USS Tempest as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

While he took the opportunity to familiarize himself with Starfleet systems he was blown away by the superior power compared to Bajoran tech. He applied to enter Starfleet.

Continuing his work on the Tempest while he waited, he finally received Starfleet’s decision to accept him. Mekat was overjoyed, he set off to take the Direct Entry Program to further familiarize himself with Starfleet’s in and outs.

After 10 months Mekat was assigned to the USS Georgia as Chief Engineering Officer and a newly minted Starfleet Lieutenant. The ship took him to the Klingon Border where they stood patrol. He was welcomed with open arms by the crew and found a family in them. He had found in Starfleet what he couldn’t find on Bajor, peace.

After five years of service on the Georgia, Mekat was reassigned to the USS Carpathia which was assigned to Research and Development. He was like a kid in a candy store with the technology he was able to experiment with. As and Engineer his opinions and recommendations in regards to the tested tech was taken into consideration by R and D. It was truly a dream job.

Dreams end, and Mekat found himself assigned to the USS Vermont, but it was fleeting. The ship was recalled following heavy damage from a ion storm. and the Bajoran was reassigned to the USS Trillium. En route to the ship he stopped at Starbase 243, and never left.
BRS Opaka, Second Engineer
BRS Yara, First Engineer

USS Tempest, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

USS Georgia, Chief Engineering Officer
USS Carpathia, Chief Engineering Officer
USS Vermont, Chief Engineering Officer
Starbase 243, Chief Engineering Officer/ Chief Operations Officer