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Lieutenant Bradley Owens

Name Bradley Charles Owens

Position Group Commander

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'00"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A muscular man that works out daily to maintain his strong physique. His right arm sports a tattoo of the Starfleet Air Wing symbol. On duty, he's easy to spot due to his black air wing beret. A shoulder pocket on his uniform usually has two cigars in aluminum casings.


Father John Owens - Vice President, Claxico Industries
Mother Lucy Owens, R.N. - Trivaldi Memorial Hospital Head Administrator

Personality & Traits

General Overview Owens is a career professional that takes his duty very seriously. He has no time for people or situations that don’t get the task accomplished. He takes pride in being a fighter pilot but sometimes that puts a big chip on his shoulder. He isn’t shy about sharing his opinions about a given situation. He enjoys camaraderie and enjoys gathering for games, drinks and the occasional cigar. Living fast means that he hasn’t settled down yet and isn’t too experienced with long term relationships.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Excellent pilot
+ Nerves of steel

- Sarcastic to a fault
- Easily distracted by women
Hobbies & Interests Dom’jot, bourbon and cigars.

Personal History Brad Owens was born 2365 in the suburbs of Druma, the capital city on Cestus III. His father was a middle management company man for the ore processing company Claxico, Inc. His mother served as a registered nurse in the local hospital. Hard work was expected and in that environment, Brad was raised to be self-reliant and disciplined. He took up the sport of boxing from an early age. It helped him stay out of trouble in an area that lacked many things to do for a kid. He would’ve killed someone for a chance to step into a holodeck. Being close to the Romulan border offered him an opportunity to learn their language from ships passing through the region. He found it a very challenging language to learn, yet was determined to master it. He regularly engages with holodeck creations to keep fluent. In high school, he defended another boy that was being picked on by a group of bullies. Brad landed a blow that crushed the eye socket of one of them, which earned him the nickname “The Bonecrusher”. He took advantage of the rich beauty of Cestus III and frequently visited the crystal blue waters of the southern beaches and spent time with friends camping in the Ruby Ridge Mountains.

Owens graduated from high school and earned good enough grades to pass the entrance exam to Starfleet, choosing the pilot path and enjoying the more rigorous training courses. He was the only freshman cadet to ever win the Starfleet Academy boxing championship title. It was there that he also picked up interest in the tabletop game of dom’jot. Upon graduation as a freshly minted ensign, Owens was posted to the Akira-class USS Sydney, under the command leadership of Captain John Stiles, another combat pilot. Owens continued developing his flight and dogfighting skills, promoting over time with increased responsibilities while remaining on the USS Sydney. He proved why he had the callsign ‘Iceman’ due to his solid nerves of steel during one particularly harrowing encounter with a Tholian Assembly ship.

That incident involved the USS Sydney being ambushed by two Tholian battlecruisers while on routine patrol near the Ermysta Nebula. Before the ship could respond, it had sustained severe damage. The Sydney scrambled fighters to screen against the encroaching vessels, with Owens leading the 247th Fighter Squadron, “The Dandy Lads”. The Tholian ships expertly wove deadly lines around the ship in a grid pattern while the star fighters fought desperately to fend off their trap. It was only through a combination of precision strikes on the enemy and deft maneuvering that resulted in one Tholian ship destroyed and the other deciding that staying wasn’t worth the risk.

The ship’s CAG was killed in the initial assault. Instead of requesting a new one, Captain Stiles decided that Owens had earned the right to replace her, given his performance in rallying the defense. Brad was grateful for the opportunity despite the death of Lieutenant Barnes weighing on him.

Upon learning of the open positions and challenges of Starbase 243, Owens put in for a transfer. He wanted to take his career to the next level and experience frontier duty. Expecting to be the CAG at the new starbase, he learned that they were short many officers and he was thrust into the position of Group Commander, with more leadership responsibilities. That opportunity only excited him more as he wished to prove himself capable of the role.
Service Record Aug. 2383 - June 2387: Starfleet Academy
July 2387 - Nov. 2389: Fighter Pilot, USS Sydney
Dec. 2389 - Mar. 2392: Squad Leader, USS Sydney
Apr. 2392 - Aug. 2394: CAG, USS Sydney