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Patrick Smith

Name Patrick 'Nine' Smith

Position Smuggler

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 12st
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description An attractive young man with a regular build. Physically fit to meet the demands of flying small craft.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Robert Smith

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shy Character to those who do not know him but to those who do his Irish Humour is visible. Has gotten more confident over the years with undercover work and has more confident alter egos, but when he is plain old Patrick he resorts to the more quiet withdrawn man.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Good tactical sense, Quick thinker with good problem solving skills.

Weaknesses: Can disagree strongly with his senior officers on issues regarding tactics and manoeuvres occasionally leading to confrontations.
Ambitions Own his own flying club
Hobbies & Interests Music from the 17th-19th centuries.
Flying - Has his own craft known as the Blackbird. Peregrine Class Runabout.

Personal History Born and raised on Earth in Ireland not many people expected him to get into Starfleet. Living in the countryside he learned how to fly early in his teens (although frowned upon elsewhere in the world this was not the case here) flying transport sorties to more remote parts. Parents Died in a shuttle crash when he was 5 and has lived with his Uncle up until he joined Starfleet.

Once into the academy despite being expected to do well in Theory and exams it was in tactical situations that he excelled. Had it not been for that and his piloting skills a lot of his friends believe he would have failed his 4 years at the Academy. However having passed he took an advanced tactical course for 2 years (not a piloting course as expected) and completed that with flying colours.

Past Assignments:
After Leaving Star fleet Academy he was given assignment however Star fleet will not reveal the identity of that Assignment. It is rumoured however that he worked on a new prototype 1 man craft.

~~~Newly Declassified~~~

Patrick served with Starfleet Corps of Engineers for 1 year as a test pilot after Graduation. Officially this stint lasted for 4 years however in reality after the completion of the Valkyrie trials Smith spent the period of 2383-2387 flying Black Ops for Starfleet Intel. With the new fighter and its advanced sensor capabilities as well as its significantly smaller profiles it became a lot harder to detect than anything else Starfleet had, especially when combined with a paint designed to reduce sensor noise left by the ship.

His assignment was to go behind "enemy" lines conducting reconnaissance missions often deep into enemy territory. After 2 years he was assigned to a squadron lead position consisting of two 2 craft teams. They began to perform missions intended to remotely access facilities to gain information. These took place in space and on planet surfaces. Missions were also conducted by ground teams with the Valkyries to provide cover and escort for the runabouts. In 2384 on one of these missions to {Classified} Smith and his wingman were shot down after a ground team was detected trying to infiltrate a {Classified} facility. His Wingman was killed in the incident and if not for the swift attendance of the backup team the evidence of the Valkyries and ground forces on the planet would have been discovered. After this and several other near misses by other teams over recent months the programme was discontinued and the personnel reassigned.
Service Record Academy Entry: 2379
Graduated from Academy: 2382
First Assignment: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: 2382 - Previously Classified
Starfleet Intelligence: 2383 - 2387 - Previously Classified
Starfleet Marine Corps Officer Training: 2385
Posted to SB900: 2387 - 2391 CAG - Marine Major
Posted to USS Tsuge: Squadron Leader - Rank 1st Lieutenant (Demotion due to change in command size and to maintain shipboard ranking structures).
2392 - USS Tsuge Crippled in combat. Briefly reassigned to the USS Langport while recovery of the Tsuge took place.
2392 - Reassigned to the USS Hephaistos by request of Captain Thompson. Rank returned to that of Major.
2393: USS Powell - Served the dual role of CAG and an infiltration specialist. This posted involved tracking down and stopping elements of the Klingon Federation who were attempting to start a war with the Romulan Empire. During an undercover section of this assignment contact was lost during a risky part of the operation and Smith was believed captured. The USS Powell was unable to recover either him or his ship the ‘Blackbird’. Because of this official Records list Major Patrick Smith as KIA.
2394 - N/A