Starbase 243


1. Don't be a dick. Respect is key. We have a zero-tolerance policy on abusive players.

2. Players are required to make a minimum of two posts per month of which 1 must be with another player.

3. Players where possible are encouraged to have 2 PC's onboard. one a Civilian and one a Fleet character. This is to help populate the starbase and give more writing opportunities. Exceptions can be made.

4. Players are strongly encouraged to join the Sim Discord to aid in communication.

5. Players should reply to messages from the CO or XO within 1 week unless on LoA.

6. A basic level of grammar is expected from our players. While we don't need everyone to be perfect, the use of punctuation is important to make your work more readable.

7. This sim features a 2:2:2 rating and an age restriction of 18+